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Spring is around - cleaning for spring :-)

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You are so welcome to have fun Janet. Thank you so much and hugs :-)))))

Then it is nice to sit down and enjoy Nicco :-)))) Thanks so much


Hate Spring cleaning, but it's great when it's done!


Not for me either Sissel, but it still needs doing! Thanks for a smile, hugs. ♥♥


I don't need lists Neville, just to take on my glasses :-)))))))))) Thanks so much


Sissel, this one gave me a good laugh. What a chubby, happy soul.
She reminded me of Marge's elder sister, Pat, who is a "cleaning freak". She has a Spring Cleaning List with 92 items on it, which must be done annually, and ticked off the list as you go. At one stage she offered the list to Marge, who very politely told her what to do with her list!! :-))) ♥♥♥♥♥♥


She does! I think she would be a fun friend to know! (❛ᴗ❛)


Thanks Kirsten. I have always enjoyed her ways of cleaning. She finds the fun in it :-))))))


Kind of like a modern day Pippi Longstocking, Sissel! (❛ᴗ❛)


Some people really loves cleaning Lia - but not me :-))) It has to be done and a day with sunshine and "warm" weather makes it "spring-cleaning" because I can see the corners :-)))))) Out with the small carpets, washing floors and getting in the clean air. Perhaps even cleaning windows :-))))) I have cleaning enough :-)))))) Thanks so much


Do you really think someone is that happy about the spring cleaning???
I sure hope so… but not me.
I decided 50 years ago that springcleaning is not my piece of cake.
But if someone else feels good by doing it.... untill exhaustment…. please do it (and after that you can come and do my house too!)