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Who Knew???

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1 April International Tatting Day is always on April 1st. This day in April allows tatters to celebrate their hobby and introduce this hobby to others. They can celebrate the day by making tatted lace and eating chocolates!

Tatting is a skill using a needle or shuttle to create delicate, elegant tatted lace for garments, doilies, and other durable goods constructed by a series of knots and loops.

The lace is formed by a pattern of rings and chains formed from a series of cow hitch (or half-hitch) knots, called double stitches, over a core thread. Gaps can be left between the stitches to form picots, which are used for practical construction as well as decorative effect.

Tatting dates to the early 19th century. The term for tatting in most European languages is derived from French frivolité, which refers to the purely decorative nature of the textiles produced by this technique. The technique was developed to imitate point lace.

Tatting with a shuttle is the earliest method of creating tatted lace. A tatting shuttle facilitates tatting by holding a length of wound thread and guiding it through loops to make the requisite knots. It is normally a metal or ivory pointed oval shape less than 3 inches long, but shuttles come in a variety of shapes and materials. Shuttles often have a point or hook on one end to aid in the construction of the lace. Antique shuttles and unique shuttles have become highly sought after by collectors.

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LOL - it's easily done Francine!!

Thanks Edie - I'm chuckling that you saw the potatoes but didn't question their presence!!

I think you're right whatnauts, it probably is becoming a lost art... although there does seem to be quite a bit of interest on the internet, but hopefully there will be scattered groups of people who keep the art alive.

Thanks shazzaannie - it's good to know you're now educated!! I've educated myself in the process!1

Oh Hanne, I'm sure you mother taught you lots of other skills... there is just so little time to teach children everything you know, specially if you grow up in a crowded and/or busy household!!

Nice to see you Pat, if you're like me you don't know quite what to do with all those treasured things of your mum's... I wish I knew where they could go to be fully appreciated!


I have the old needles for tatting... they were in my mothers things when we went through them. Thanks Mandy very interesting...


My mother knew how to do it and I'm SO sorry that I never asked her to show me how!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!

Well I was fooled again. Very cleverly put together with the tatties tattoos and tatting. I'd heard of tatting but never really knew what it was, now I know so I have been educated today.


I've done lots of needlework - crocheting, knitting, crewel, needlepoint, cross stitch - but tatting was never of interest. Too piddly I always thought. I never liked crocheting with crochet thread for the same reason. It's nice to know tatting has its own day - it's probably getting to be a lost art. Thanks for the puzzle and info (and the tatties!)


You definitely got me Mandy. The only thing that I noticed were the potatoes and I thought you were using them to fill in a space. I didn't even make the connection. Good on you.


Silly me also ~ funny how I wondered about the presence of potatoes but then forgot about them. :))


Well done Chailie, I've tried using a computer mouse with my left hand and I find it impossible!!

LOL - Ardy!! I'm glad you re-visited to find out I had fun today too!! Thanks so much :~)))


Mandy, I guess the jokes on me as I thought those images were added because you needed something to fill the space. Silly me.


Yes, I did succeed right handed. I learned to knit and crochet right handed without any problems so it didn't surprise me that tatting proved to be the same. I also have to use a computer mouse right handed. For anything else I am definitely a lefty.


Lesley!!! I can't believe it, your comment appeared after I'd replied to PJ, and posted the "Fool" image list.... you got them all!!!!! I guess your comment didn't show on my screen while I had the webpage open when I was responding to PJ. There's no fooling you!!! Congratulations :~)))


Ardy and Edie - I did do what you expected!!! Does that make you or me the "Fool"??? LOL!!!
For the "Fool" images see my comment below...


Well done PJ - you got nearly all of them.
As far as I know the Lion is tatted - I didn't include it as a "Fool"
The "Fool" images are "tats" - as in Tattoos... top row as you said 1 and 4;
3rd row images 1 and 2
The other "Fool" image is the basket of "tatties" as in potatoes!!!


I see 4 tattoos and a bowl of potatoes.


My suggestions for not proper tattling : top row - nos 1 and 4, second row - the chroched lion (looks croched but may be tattled), third row - the decorated Easter egg, bottom row - the colored potatoes .....
This is my understanding from my little screen ....


No worries PJ - I got your email...!!


There are 5 images that are Fooling!!! Which one did you find PJ???


Mandy - now that you mention it - I just thought is was there for decoration, I did not even think of it as a April Fool's thing...


Tee-Hee - I'll let the secret out when I post tomorrow's puzzle link at 10pm (GMT) - if no-one's found it first!!


Mandy, tee-hee! Looked again, square by square - to no avail. Shall check here later for another solver's findings. :)


Glad you found the info interesting Katie, thanks :~)

I've always enjoyed all crafts, Edie (except pottery!). I hadn't come across tatting until I researched for this puzzle... I can't believe it!! You may like to know that there is an April Fool... or few... in the puzzle... that no-one's mentioned... I'm smiling that so far you're all Fooled!!!! LOLOLOL!!

Chailie, that sounds like a really good idea.. mirror teaching for lefties by righties!!! Did you eventually learn to do it right handed?? You picked my favourite of the images!! I'd buy them!!

Thanks Francine... lace is always lovely!


Oh Mandy - I love it. Took a course in tatting (Nor. 'nupereller'), a couple of years ago and I have made 4 of the simple ones above. All prior to Jigidi - it's so fun and time consuming.................
Ardy - you can ask if there can be offered a course in your area ??
Thank you Mandy for providing info, fine images - and fun memories ( you puzzle honestly gave me a desire to start a small project...)


Never tried tatting though have always admired the lace. Thanks, Mandy.


Hi Mandy. Fancy there being a special day for tatting. I tried to teach myself tatting some years ago following the instructions in a book for left handers but failed. Then a work colleague - a right hander - showed me, whilst I sat opposite her, the idea being that I should copy her. While I was watching her I could feel my fingers twitching to have a go right handed. Broblem solved!
This puzzle has made me think of getting out my shuttle and having another go. I love the red earrings and if I could make some I'm sure they would be a success at my local Country Market (formally W.I. Market).


I remember tatting with my grandmother but it was never something I did later on. I enjoyed doing the knitting and crocheting that she also taught me much more. Didn't realize it had it's own day. I guess this is like the reverse April fool's joke. You didn't do your puzzle about it which is what I was expecting. Thanks Mandy


Another really interesting day Mandy. Thanks for all the information about tatting!


Thanks Barb - I always loved any craft work, but my Mum didn't show me, I learned it all myself and although I tried to pass the knowledge to my girls, I failed... they were not in the slightest bit interested!! It's good to know you enjoyed the images :~))


I never was very handy with any sort of needlework. I remember my grandmother trying to teach me to knit but we didn't get very far. My mum was good at knitting, embroidery and crochet but didn't pass on her talents to me unfortunately. I admire anyone who does have patience for this type of work. Thanks for lovely images and another in the Who Knew series, Mandy. :-)


Thanks Ardy, what a shame you don't remember how to do it... it looks like something I would have enjoyed when I was younger. I used to make Torchon Lace, which I loved doing, even though it took such a long time to complete anything!!


Mandy, What fun. I remember doing a little tatting as a child. One of my aunts made little pins and earrings and I learned a little but don't remember how to do it now. Again you had a surprise for me as I had thought you'd do an April Fool's Day puzzle. Love this series so much. Thanks.