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Christmas 2016 (10)

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Although your view is obstructed here, Rob and Nev are actually attending to turkey carving.
Of course, this task cannot be accomplished without the assistance of THREE (most-valued) female Supervisors, Megan (blue dress), Marge (white top), and Lynn at the back. :-)))
Taken at Coolongolook, New South Wales, Australia, on Christmas Day.

I've posted four puzzles today.


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I pomocná síla zaslouží pochvalu :-)


Gayle dělal všechno vaření, Irena - jsem žádný Chef. Ale já jsem pomoct, kde jsem mohl. ♥♥♥

Gayle did all the cooking, Irena - I am no Chef. But I did help out where I could. ♥♥♥


Určitě jste večeři dobře připravili a byli jste pochváleni. Mistři šefkuchaři.


Don't worry about pronunciation. I use the standard U.S. Army system. If I see an unpronounceable jumble of letters I just say "alphabet" and cruise right on! We had a guy in Basic Training whose name I never knew because the sergeant always called him alphabet and so did we!


Yeah, true, but I admit you win this one. The link below does NOT lead to the puzzle itself, allowing me to look at it and see what you posted. Oh no, you sneaky ****** it takes me to the "solve" page! I had to assemble all the pieces to see the sign, and THEN there was your distinguished physiognomy mugging at me too! And Barry, of course.


Pat, I might go visit my auntie in Tangambalanga this year. Then you'll have to learn how to pronounce that one too! :-)))


Pammi, Pat and I are great mates. We've been giving each other "heaps" for years. :-))) ♥♥♥


Pat, you've caught me out again. I've been making up the name of this place for over three years now, ever since my first posting (below). I had this sign specially made up to put beside the highway. Lucky you're a wake-up to my antics!! :-)))


Ha, ha, patsquire, only in Australia, mate.........over to you Nev. ☺☺☺☺


HEY! I've called you out on this before, Nev. There cannot be any such place as "Coolongolook" in this world!


Janet, she's probably wondering how many fingers are going to end up on the turkey platter! :-))) ♥♥♥


Pasta, and you will know that three are better than one.
Rob's shirt is a good one. He didn't say where he got it. ♥♥♥


That was a fun puzzle thanks Nev and I think Marge is keeping a good eye on your turkey carving skills. Thanks Greg too. Hugs my friends and tickles to Master Barry. ♥♥♥


Can't carve a turkey with out a female supervisor. Love Rob's shirt♥♥♥


Jean, I know it's traditional for a man to carve the turkey at the dinner table for U.S. Thanksgiving, but we don't worry about who does it here at Christmastime. Gayle had a whole list of things to do to get the Christmas dinner onto the table, and one was for Rob to carve the turkey. I simply gave him a hand, as I was free at the time. ♥♥♥


Julie, Summer is a fun time here in Oz, and our Christmas falls right in the middle of it. So, instead of making snowmen, we go outside and play backyard cricket. That's always good for a laugh. Greetings from Nev/Marge/Barry Koala. ♥♥♥


Pammi, couldn't have done it without those female Supervisors. When they're not telling us what to do, they're telling us where to go!! :-))) ♥♥♥

Looks like everyone is watching the men carving the turkey. I spent Christmas with my nephew and his wife and my sister also joined us too. My nephew carved the turkey too so perhaps it is the tradition for the man to do the carving. xx


You seem to have a lot of fun in your hemisphere.


Hey, good to see the boys doing the work here Neville. I am sure your turkey carving skills were greatly appreciated by everyone there. ☺☺