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Whose been walking in my backyard? Sasquatch?

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Love this one Marian!


Not really a fetish Mariolyn, it all started when I took photos of the posh hotel carpets in Banff and accidentally had my left foot in the photo, so I decided to post it as is....and then it just got funny and gave us lots of laughter. They do say laughter is the best glad you enjoy it too.


This foot fetish is lots of fun for us.


How did you know Jim that there was yet another footstep this size ahead? - I'm not kidding, we have two of these in our back yard. LOL

Hi Janet - I'll be careful Janet. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you get some worthwhile rain because I know you really need it.


Yes take care Marian, he may be lurking about! Another fun one, thanks and hugs, Janet.

It's raining, so we hope it will be better than the last lot. ♥


Be careful, Marian! Sasquatch may still be in his footprints up ahead! LOL!


I'm glad you had fun with this one Lynn....


That's funny, Marian. I think they are still looking for Sasquatch in Washington state. lol