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Flippity Dippity Flower

42 pieces
166 solves
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You'll have to fight it out with my husband, then--that's the only part of gardening he likes! Well, that and feeding the plants with fish fertilizer (no, it isn't meant to fertilize fish--it's made from fish byproducts and other ocean-produced items like seaweed, and we buy it in Gloucester), which he doesn't always dilute enough, so our yard smells like a fish abattoir--and a cat's idea of heaven... But Maggie and Cassie would be very happy to have you here...or anywhere.....


Is someone in need of a gardener?........I am available on weekdays (digging holes a speciality)......WOOF!


Thanks so much, Ardy, Katie, PJ, and whatnauts! I have a hothouse, but it's in my brain, and it produces some strange hybrids! And I have no idea when the flower and wheel creator will be back--I haven't heard, and no one else that I know who might have that info has said anything...... This Earth needs all the loving gardeners it can get...!


Very, very cool.


What a wonderfully fun 'flower' - just great, Pat.


Pat, thanks for enjoying my new avatar. It hasn't really been all that long since I learned how to get one! So watch that space as I'm likely to change it fairly often. The first one I chose today was too complex for such a small space, so I made my first puzzle with it instead! Look me up!


Pat, Another fine flower from your garden - or do you have a greenhouse for winter growing? And thinking of flower gardens, any idea if and/or when our friend might be back to working in the garden again? Thanks for this lovely one.


Hi, Katie--love your new avatar! It (not your avatar--the puzzle!) loonied nicely, I thought, probably because the original was layered to begin with!

Absolutely, Lela and Mandy, my favorite wise-guys! LOL! I really do see Starla's requests on other puzzles besides mine, and they are inevitably by people who have posted wonderful large ones the same day--but those, like my large ones, are apparently never the ones she wants to do! :-(((
I wouldn't mind if her profile showed that she solved 1000 or more pieces a day (mine is over 1200), or if she said thanks on the ones I have made for her....... But the combo of no thank yous and not even doing a large one per day makes her request, well, unnecessary, to put it nicely...!

Thanks so much, Janazlouky--we do all have different tastes in puzzles, and I'm glad you enjoyed this one! :-)))


OOOOOoooooo!!! This is wonderful!!! I wonder what it would be like to solve in more pieces?? LOL ;~Q


Do not stack normally mosaics, but it does not make me fold problem and no matter how many pieces, most importantly, it is beautiful, thank you, people are different and each has different ideas


Could we have this in less pieces please? Thank you.


I love this one Pat! It's just so... well... flowery!


I have always been very quick to fill requests for puzzles in different sizes, and I am always glad to do it, because I like making people happy, and it's a very small favor to ask of me, considering how wonderful people here have been to me and my puzzles!

That said, Starla, your profile shows that you don't even average a single puzzle a day, and only 216 pieces per day. I alone post at least 2 puzzles larger than that (meeting the "more pieces" requirement in your comment), and there are hundreds of others that meet those specifications each day. Yet you keep appearing on my puzzles and on many other people's puzzles, several times a week, asking for more! Why? With hundreds to pick from each day, and your not even averaging a single big one a day? Why do you need more to pick from?! And when they and I have posted them for you, you have never once gone on them and indicated that you actually bothered to solve them, and certainly never thanked anyone for our filling your request. I have told you all this before, yet you still do it, to me and others. I've simply been ignoring your requests for the past month or more, but I'm now trying once again to get through to you. Thanks for listening this time, I hope...


Thanks so much, Jo! :-)))


Bright, and beautifully Bold!! Love it! :)

Would like this in more pieces please. Thank you.