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This is tough going.

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Walking through this heavy deep snow is really good exercise. Also shows me what bad shape I'm in.


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Double Yikes! :))


This is part way down one field Mimi, then I go across the second field and back home on the third. It's like walking a big square and yesterday I made it the whole way.




Must be the humidity Robbie. I hate it too. Heading back out again soon. Should be easier today.


Left right left right........HalT!!............Forward ho!...........Cool photo Edie, good luck. I find walking to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom quite exhilarating! I get exhausted walking to the dock and back!! (About 180ft)


Years ago I had a pair of the old wooden style. I may have to look at some of those light weight aluminum ones that they have now.


Time for snowshoes!


Thanks. Marilyn, we're heading into a January thaw starting Friday. Saturday is supposed to be +7 but with rain so who knows how that's all going to play out with all the snow we have right now. It will be interesting for sure.


Thanks for your update, I am sending warm thoughts your way. I love the seasons too. The snow is only here for a couple of months and it is still fun to watch it and get out in it. If it is not too cold or too deep a nice horseback ride is fun for me. I don't know about the horse, Jewell, she may feel differently about it.


I don't have any chicks right now Jan and the chickens all have heat lamps. After what we've been through they probably don't even need them now but I'll leave them on for another day then the temperatures will be warm enough to turn them off. I've been to Florida several times Jan but would never want to live there. I like having 4 seasons though I do wish that winter would be shorter.


I think the boots are about 14"-16" Ardy but they tie at the top so snow can't get in. Mostly it wasn't that deep anyway just in a couple of places where it had drifted. Ardy every bath I take includes bath salts and bubbles. It's a must for me. My balance is ok but there are places where there is a crust below the snow and when you break through that it tends to throw you off your balance. Luckily I managed to stay upright today :-)))


I think a hot bath will be on the schedule for tonight Barb. Haven't treated myself for awhile so today would be perfect. After returning from this walk my neighbour(friend) who does the plowing was in my driveway looking to see if I was available to go with him to pick up his truck. He needed someone to drive his car back and no one he tried was available. So off I went and didn't post this till after I got back.


Will definitely get your heart rate up in a short walk.


Yes they are PutterDutt. I was hoping it would be the other way around with me walking in their tracks.


Are you going to keep the chicks warm? For me not enough warm heat to keep me comfortable in this kind of weather. Pretty snow but hate to shovel the darn stuff, that is one reason to go to Florida..


You either have really tall boots or snow inside of what you are wearing. I think Barb's suggestion of hot bath is great - make it a bubble bath and you'll be in style for the day. You throw a nice shadow too. Thanks, Edie. That is DEEP snow. My balance isn't good enough for me to be able to do that.


Goodness, Edie, you sure did get a lot of snow. By comparison we only got a dusting really. I managed to go to bingo today and it wasn't nearly as cold as I thought it would be, probably because when I went the wind had died down and it was sunny. The hardest part was trying to avoid icy patches. Looks like you got a good workout today. Perhaps a hot bath would be in order tonight plus a mug of hot chocolate. :-))


Your dogs are smarties! :o)


PJ the dogs had run of into the bush after a scent and walking back which is uphill so it's harder, they followed behind me stepping in my footprints because the run in the deep snow had tired them out as well. No other human prints anywhere. Even most of the animal tracks were covered over but I could still make out a few deer tracks.


It certainly does keep you from getting cold Florrie. I walked another 50meters then turned around. This was only 1/3 of the normal walk but I knew I had to get back as well :-)))


Oh dear Edie - yes, it is tough to waddle through deep snow - we usually do not have to do it more than a few meters - but ooooh, this sure looks like a VERY long walk ....