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Muddy puppy

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Frazier, after a fun time at the dog park and just before the doggy wash. (Like a car wash, but for dogs.)


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You should be able to take a dog through a doggy wash - a bit like a car wash! He looks very happy!


You are very welcome, Gritgirl125. Sorry I took so long to respond.

a great dog.We had a collie when ours boys where small and she was their babysitter. They are wonderful family dogs. Brings back sweet memories. Thanks!


But he'd love a day with you, Robbie. Thanks.


Hey Fraszier, man you and I could have a lot of fun together. Maybe get on my Jenny's white eiderdown and have a roll around!! Jump in mom's fish pond and shed some mud then jump in dad's boat and cool out for the afternoon?! Nice looking puppy Ardy, thanks.


What better place for him to be. We seem to endure inconvenience and even some discomfort rather than disturb a cat!! I do it all the time.


I'm typing with one hand - Nortie is sleeping on my lap...


Gail, You are so right about cats. Cats don't have to be walked. They use a litter box so clean up is easier, but they are so independent and usually don't come when they are called.

Glad you are feeling a little better. Hope you continue to improve. That really is a very hard way to lose weight. Be careful.


Thanks, RockyRider, for stopping by. Today's picture will show him all clean. I thinks that labs have an inbred magnet for water - at least the few I've known!!!


Well, now I know that cats really ARE easier to maintain! He's a sweetie, Ardy. He looks awfully pleased with himself. Does he enjoy being hosed down?

It took me a while, but I finally found the comment you mentioned earlier. I'm doing a little better, but I probably have four or five more days of being unwell before this nasty norovirus is completely out of my system. Still on Pedialite, chicken broth and jello. I had a treat of a half-cup of orzo tonight. It felt good to put even a drop of solid food into me. I was really surprised that I could go for more than a week without any food at all and not really feel hungry. I wish I could do it more often (without the illness, of course)!

I appreciate your good wishes. You're always in my thoughts as well.


Just like kids...see water+soil=mud=FUN. My golden lab loves water and the muddy creek that runs around our ranch. The muddier and stinkier he is, the happier.


Thanks, Denise. He had a great time.


This is a dirty beautiful dog, and look how happy Frazier is.


Thanks, smllpkg101. Thanks for leaving a comment, too.


Even that dirty, he's a beautiful dog.


I know, Ank. Just by looking you can tell he had a really good time and is real pleased with himself.


Libby, how great to see you. You certainly would know about muddy and happy dogs. Thanks for coming by and thanks for all your updates on Callie Lou.


I think he didn't mind the doggie bath. I believe he's been there more than once. Thanks, Hanne.


I'm sure he had fun. And look at his face, he's happy. Just let it dry, take a brush and he's clean.


A muddy dog is a happy dog! Muddier=Happier!!! Thanks Ardy! ;-)


I do hope he likes it!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Thank you, Laura.


Sandy, his human told me he had a wonderful time. Thanks.


The mud isn't hiding Frazier's handsome mug. He's gorgeous.


Well, Frazier certainly had a good time! LOL


Thanks, Pat. Hugs.


Muddy but very pretty ... thanks .. Hugs


He really is Barbara. I have one more picture for tomorrow - clean and beautiful.


He had had a real good time and wasn't the least bit sorry, Kirsten. Thanks for coming by.


Lovely dog.


You beat me by one second, Barb. She didn't send an after picture but I do have a "clean" one for tomorrow that was from this last Christmas. Thanks, Barb. Now I need to get back to your other puzzle.


Gosh, he needn't look so proud if it, Ardy!! LOL But what a cutie he is. I'm a bit fond of smart working dogs. Thanks for posting these lovely pics of him. :)))


Didn't take long for people to find your puzzle, Ardy. I thought I was being so smart seeing you post it and jumped on it right away. LOL
Is this the 'before' pic and have you got an 'after' pic from when he went through the doggy wash?
He is such a cutie. :-)