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Birds On A Wire.....

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Little Corellas in Bunbury, WA


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Had a super birthday, Ardy... Thank you.... I always check 'recent comments', otherwise I would be hopelessly lost and not know where to begin answering them... Thanks again for the info... And now I've discovered the 'They walk among us'... Funny stuff... Thanks again.... :) :)))


Hope you have had a Happy Birthday. Please check your old puzzles for 'recent comment."


The way they sound, Suzy, you would think they'ed inbibed a plenty.... :) :))
Drats, PG I thought they were Little Corellas.... Better get my Audubon book out.... :) :)))


Pigeons in the park?


....they become wired birds?


You'd love the Big Swamp Wildlife Park aviary... Many colorful birds, up close and personal.... There's a Golden Pheasant that's amazing... Very hard to photograph as he never stops moving.... I've been able to get parts of him, but never the whole bird... The Mangrove Swamp and the Leschenault Inlet are great places to see some of the gorgeous birds here.... Ornithologist I'm not even close... Can barely pronounce it.... Birds are good fun to watch and photograph... But I'm always asking 'what's that one called again'.... Thanks, Jill.... :) :))))


Sally, they are wonderful!! I now realize you practically are an Ornithologist.... you are obviously interested and have quite a bit of knowledge about birds! That is fantastic! My father was quite the birder. I followed him around like a puppy as he pointed out various birds in our yard or when on hiking trips. I think I would run into light posts where you are..... I'd be looking everywhere except where I was going. What fun it must be, dear one!


Thanks, Rob.... You're probably right, feathers are suppose to be good insulation... I love these little guys even if they are pests and very very noisy.... We hear them coming in the afternoon from miles away... It always gives me a smile.... :) :))))


That's a really nice puzzle Sally - they look like they're feeling the cool weather with their feathers all puffed up!! Thanks!


There are two Long Billed Corellas, the Western and the Eastern in WA... But we haven't seen any around town... They are fascinating to me, as we don't have anything like them native to the US.... The only native parrot to the US is the now extinct Carolina Parakeet... There's is a Thick Billed parrot in Arizona and New Mexico in the pine forests, but they are native to Mexico and have just expanded their territory across the border.... Thanks, Shirley for the info... I enjoyed seeing the Long Billed pictures on Google... :) :))))


Thank you, Sally for your Corella puzzle, do you get the Long Bill Corellas in WA ? They have a longer tail and a much longer beak, same colouring on their body as the Little Corella.


Thank you, Mimi.... They really are beauties... Even though they are frequently considered pests here, because there are so many... We've seen several hundred on the school field across the street at one time.... They make quite a racket when a flock flies over.... The epitome of the word 'squawk'... :) :))) :)))


I love this one Sally, such beautiful birds! Thanks!


I keep forgetting how similar Little Corellas are to Goffin's Cockatoos. Just found in different countries. Corellas are from Australia and cannot be exported. Goffins are from the island of Timor, where their habitat has been destroyed, and have been exported in large numbers for the pet and breeder trade. Fortunately, they breed well in captivity and can be easily gotten for the same price as a cockatiel.