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For Katerin2 - Kindly Base, Bermuda.

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All new since you left. You turn into #2 gate and go left up the hill just before the old bowling alley. This medical facility is on your right of the road. They do testa all morning up to 4:00pm, then accept minor emergency patients afterwards. The townhouses have just been finished and are on the left hand side of the road coming up the hill. They stretch right up to the bowling alley. They were supposed to be low cost housing but as you can see there is really nothing low cost about them! They have a commanding view of the Town of St. George's and the harbour, hopefully they will remain in good shape.


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Thanks Celeste.


Nice picture :)


Thanks K and Hanne.


Thanks for showing Robbie!!


Wow, those look nice. I want to live there!!!!


You are right PKH, I think it was a Government fiddle, not sure how they ended price wise but a lot more in the end for someone!! Thanks.


The condo's don't look very low cost to me, Robbie!