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Our back entrance today.

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We don't have either growing gem, I would try it if I could, thanks.


I have been told that boiled rhubarb leaves, or tobacco acts as a pest poison when sprayed on your plants...never tried it though.


You're welcome yellow, thanks.
Glad you like it Ank, thanks.
Thanks Celeste.
PPM, we have used that, thanks. Unfortunately the white scale has another type of mite that requires more than detergent, thanks.


Robbie, you might try laundry detergent to help control ants. My annual ant invasion never happened this year, I think because I spread detergent all around the perimeter of my house several months ago. Spray soapy water on an ant, and it drops it in its tracks. Cheaper than Malathion, too.


A nice view, Thanks Robbie


Ahhh, this looks real good Robbie. I'm glad you have such a beautiful garden and such a lovely weather. It really looks great. I love to see it.

How very lovely, charming, and inviting. . .thanks for sharing :))


You're welcome PK, thanks.
Hi Marilyn, the back entrance is also the front entrance.....conversely............thanks!
Nice dream Hanne, thanks.
Jenny gets sad when we trim these oleander hedges. If we didn't they would die from a blight. When they are full of leaves and flowers they get a white scale and loads of ants crawl up and down. Th e hedge starts dying so we prune and spray with high pressure hose and small amounts of Malathion. Seems to help.


It looks like something I saw in a lovely dream!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Robbie, I didn't realize you brought me in the BACK entrance!


Just beautiful thanks for sharing Robbie


Exactly Lela! You remembered, you and bookish! Thanks.


Ah I've pulled the palm tree out of the car, and re-planted it.....the tree that is.....


I would rather be there donnalf, I would trade but my wife won't!! Thanks.

30 and snow all day here in Jersey today. Enjoy your warm weather!!!


Thanks chickie. ( I'm not really!)
That is hot and dry chookies, hope you get some rain soon, thanks.
Good memory bookish, take care there, thanks.
Yes Nova, we are very spoilt here for weather, glad I cheered you up for a while, thanks.


Glad you're not trying to rub anything in.......I really feel cheered up after looking at these shots. Once the seasons change, it's strange how difficult it is to envision 'the way we were." thanks, Robbie.


Lovely and orderly. I remember that tree in background - think there was a car in front of it last time.(?) Yes, cold weather here in Ontario (-4.5C). Snow-covered ground last three days.
Thanks for sharing, Robbie. (1:07)


I'll show you a photo of my dry garden, Robbie, and summer hasn't even started yet - 37(C) or 98(F) - and hotter tomorrow - where did our Spring go?


Yah, right Robbie. It's beautiful!


I am not trying to rub anything in, only to brighten your day a little if you live in a cold country! We were lucky to have this today, thunder tomorrow!