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A small tribute to my Tai -- RIP

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He came with the house I bought when I moved to Bellingham, WA after I retired. He quickly worked his way into my heart, and when I moved back to Seattle, he came with me.
He was always an outdoor hunter in Bellingham so I couldn't keep him inside here. Unfortunately, I now live on a busier street and one day a car got him. I miss him still, even though I now have Tux and Bean. Tai was a very special boy.


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A fine cat - & the cat-in-the-drawer photo is fun. In a lifetime, I think we find maybe one cat we're closest to. Grief is hard, but we know how to grieve - and that special cat is worth the extra sorrow. Best wishes.


And thanks to you, too, solveigsimonsen.


Thanks, tails, Ank, mulder, and lifesong, for all the kind words. You must all be pet lovers, too, to be so understanding.

My daughter gave me a heart-shaped stone to mark his resting place, "Cats leave their paw prints on our hearts" and it is so true!

It's so hard to lose a friend. It's a very nice picture as a remembrance.


He is a beautiful cat. I'm sorry for your loss.


Tai was a beauty. It's hard to lose a beloved pet. You never forget them. And that's good. But it's also good to take new pets, the are all different and you love them all at an other way. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo of Tai.

Beautiful boy, Tai. RIP

So sorry for your loss :(