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Subtle Orbs

48 pieces
187 solves
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Ah, Diane, we are alike in our puzzle solving! I love to see the colors and imagery fall into place. I'm so glad you thought it was fantastic. Youmare most welcome!.... :-))


I think this is my first solve of your puzzle.It caught my eye and it was fantastic. Thank you. I do for pleasure not time. Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J.


The only Queen of Orbs is Photopaint, lol! I only click on things I have on the program. I guess I can claim the color choices, but most of it comes from a well designed program. Bottom line is that you love solving them, dear Kirsten.... now, THAT makes me happy!!.... :-)))


Good, Libby.... now you can explain it to me, lol! I'm glad you found it to delightful, dear friend!!


LOL Jill! What was I thinking, correcting the Queen o' Orbs? Silly me. LOLOLOL


You 'splained that so I almost understood! Delightful jig, thanks Ms Jill! ;-)))


Rosie, I'm so glad you like the colors and the concept.You are very welcome, my friend!


Very subtle orbs but they do shine. Wonderful colors and great concept. Thanks for some fun.


Uh oh, Jo, you're on to their tricks, lol!! I'm glad you had fun with them, dear friend!... :-))))


I think they've morphed into shape-shifters Jill when you weren't looking!! tee-hee! But they have retained their original sheen, and shine!! Thanks for the fun!! :)


I am so glad you enjoy solving these, Kirsten! I'm glad you think the colors and textures are terrific.

Nope, these are subtle orbs. They are hidden within the rectangles. If you look closely you'll see a circle the closer you get to the center. Orbs are made with radial interior within a circle. A rectangle is made by using the rectangular interior and the rectangle shape. These involved radial within a rectangle shape. Clear as mud, lol!


I'm so glad you enjoy making these, Jill! Because I LOVE solving them!! Your colours and textures are terrific. Thanks very much!! :)))

But ............... umm ..................... are these SUBTLE orbs, cos they're not orbs at all? Aren't they rectangles and squares? Or maybe I'm just losing my mind. LOL


Ah, nice, so nice, Edie! I'm so glad you think they are gorgeous! You are most welcome. I have just come from your place.... love the family photo. I left a message, there, my friend! .... :-)


They're not just subtle, they're sublime. Thanks you Jill, just gorgeous.


I'm glad you like it, Francine. You are more than welcome, dear!


Thank you, Barb. I always go back to these at some point because I like them too and they are fun to make.It makes me very happy that you enjoy them so, my friend!


Delightful, Jill. Thanks. (2:55)


Very subtle, Jill, but also they are positively glowing. Love your orb puzzles, thanks. :-)