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Canada Place ... Is that sunlight !?!

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You can see the Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel and "the Sails" !
No cruise ships docked here today.


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Hi Chookies. Sorry I didn't notice your note sooner. Mind you I was asleep most of that time so how could I ? Yes, the weather has been ... awkward. But today it is gorgeous ... sunny with thick fog low over the inlet. Unfortunately I'm not in the right spot to get a good picture of it. I did take one of the sunrise which I will post in a minute. Hope your loved ones have a lovely holiday!! Hug.


My brother phoned yesterday and he was telling me all about the rain and snow you've been having recently, Cathy, and I was telling him all about the pictures you've been posting. He claims him and his wife are off to Florida for a bit of sunshine as they're well and truly over the cold weather you're been having!! He also sent me the Winter magazine "British Columbia" as he knows I love to receive them. Hugs!


Thank you Rob. I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle! Thank you also for offering us some of your sunshine!! I wish we could exchange weather!! Recently I have longed to send Australia some of our rain!!!


You can have some of ours if you like Cathy - we have plenty to spare!! Nice photo - thanks.


Thank you very much Lorna, Jacques and Suzy! I'm glad you like the picture. And I liked your notes!


Really like the "sails"!


nice Kathy and it is the sun!


It is a pretty impressive building, and I like the sails!


Thank you Jim! I'm glad you like the picture.


That's real nice, Cathy!


Hi grandmalucy. Thanks for writing a note!! I remember taking these pictures on Dec 18th. The rain did reluctantly stop but the thick clouds remained. I'm not sure how this ray of sunlight managed to squeeze through !


Yes i see a reflection of sun on the buildings.