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My Kitchen: A closer view of the baking prep area

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There's a marble slab inset into the counter for handling pastry and cookie doughs. If you're standing at the island facing that teakettle, the double oven is behind you. The lower cupboards hold bakeware; the drawers contain measuring cups, spoons, cookie sprinkles, flavorings, rolling pins, mixer accessories, spatulas, cocoa, chocolate chips...whatever!


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I just now ran across your comment, Robbie. I still need to take some pix of the oven wall where there's a beverage/snack area between the double ovens and the fridge. There's a Keurig coffee maker, K-Cups, and a toaster oven and a cupboard full of mugs and glasses. The fridge door has the ice and there's a pennisula a few steps away with a prep sink for water. Guests make coffee, tea and iced drinks without getting in the way of the cooks. We made the "aisle" space big enough! I do have some kitchen "clutter" since I am a retired gift buyer and couldn't resist trinkets and what-nots. You're in a "beachy" locale and I'm rural Texas. I previously lived in San Francisco so this was quite a change! My house, being rural, is full of "critturs." For example, I have a paper mache goose in the bedroom that's wearing a nightcap. I'll have to dig up some pix of the vacation house we once had on Galveston Bay near Houston. It was "beachy." We sold in in 1994...later a hurricane took it out! Found that by checking Google Earth. What a shock. Thanks for the positive remarks; the kitchen is the real "hang-out" in this house...that's why we made it the biggest room (14' x 34'). Carole :-)))


Hi Carole, I'm back in your kitchen and what a joy it is! You are very organized and have lots of counter space without clutter. The marble is a great idea and you are definitely a happy cook who enjoys her surroundings. Thanks!


Thanks, Char! I do enjoy the baking.


I love it. And, it's so organized. Beautiful colors, too. Thanks for sharing it. Happy baking.


It's really hard to be unhappy when surrounded by these least that's the way I feel. Thanks for the comments! I do spend a lot of time in this room.

Very cheery! Love the color.

Wish my kitchen was like this, I would never be out of it, be proud.