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House in Springfield

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Susan and I were returning home through Springfield, MO, and I was taking neat house pictures out the window.
Susan is the designated driver and I am the designated photographer! LOL!


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Congratulations on the excitement of a new grand baby. We only have 2 - "1 of each." But, they can sure wear us out! LOL

I know exactly what you are going through......with the excess weight and so forth.......

I Just want to mention one thing. I have lost 103 pounds in the last 10 months. John has lost 70, quit smoking and no longer has early stage diabetes. When he turned 60, we decided to turn our lives around, before it was too late. And we decided to change the way we eat the get more active . If you ever want to talk about THAT, it'd be okay with me. Jan


Thanks, Jan! I am back home. Everything went as expected.
I need a cpap.
I am also, 95 pounds overweight and have high blood pressure! How did that happen?
I know I need to cut back on food, like throwed rolls and get back on the exercise bike.
BTW, Susan leaves in a little bit to go see the grandkids in Pennsylvania and help out with the newest, a grandson, due on the 24th, if she goes full term, but she thinks unlikely.
BTW2, I must do some plumbing projects while Susan is gone. Joy!
Will talk more in the coming days.


Hey - JC - Good luck on your sleep study! Let me know how it works out, please. John and I both got machines - me a C-Pap and John a Bi-Pap. I adjusted easily. He had much more difficulty. I used mine for 2 years. But, we have lost so much weight now that we no longer need it! I would be happy to discuss our experiences and give you tips! I am out of town until Tues. afternoon and will be popping in and out! Jan


Toto, this is how my mind works: think eclectic!

And Jan, I will try to photograph as many wonderful houses posted as I can. I love them, too, and there seem to be a lot of older homes in this part of the country just a short drive from where I live. Wow! An excuse to go out and take more pictures!


Delightful series today, JC, a stuffed duck, a throwed roll, a patchwork house and a red caboose with nowhere to go. I just know I'm going to spend a part of my day pulling these elements into a story. Thanks.


JC - I LOVE house photos. PLEASE keep them coming. They just don't build houses like this anymore!! TThanks so much. I love the "patches" on this one.


When we get them, Pat, I take pictures of them. Yesterday, the sky was clear. Last night it was overcast! We are getting spoiled by the great sunrises/sunsets around here and just expect them EVERY day! That's OK, tune in tomorrow for this morning's brand new sunrise!


Beautiful home thanks ... But did miss the sunrises and sunsets...