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The Corner Of Left And Right... (Smaller)

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48 pieces
196 solves
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"mailbox one (still to be posted)"......Hee-Hee!


You sound like my husband, Lela--if I tell him he has a crumb on his left cheek (and, before anyone cracks wise, I'm talking about his FACE!), he always brushes his right cheek, and I tell him: "No, your OTHER left."....... Sigh.......

Thanks, Ardy (have fun--vacation and playing with this), Barb, Lela, PJ, Aishah, and Edie! This is the original puzzle that later became a mailbox one (still to be posted, so hang on, Lela), which itself then became that stained glass mosaic one that I posted first. Confused yet?! LOL!


Phew, much better. Couldn't rest knowing I was Lela's footstool. Nice view from up here. I can see all four corners. Thanks Pat. Oh and good one Barb :-))


Eeegads, tied with Lela. I'll be back in a couple of minutes.


Lots of fun and so nice that we didn't need to send a search party after Lela. Thanks, Pat! : )


Very fun one Pat, and a delightful solve,


Yes, something like that!......Maybe the dancing slowed me down a bit............


Did you put your left ear in instead of your right, Lela? And did you shake it all about? :-)))


I got my left and right mixed up.........


I was too late solving to ever get on the board. Enjoyed this, Pat, thanks. :-)


LOL After 92 solvers I'm off the board.


Fun, Pat. I'm the fastest (of two solvers). Let's see, the real L is on the right and the dyslexic L is on the left, right? This could be a fun one to play with after vacation. Thanks, Pat.