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Country Serenity.......

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We'll all get together by the lake, sit in our lounge chairs and drink our beverages of choice.....

That, of course, is after muffin has decorated the interior to a fare thee well, fit for any magazine cover.... And Ank. Sissel and Mimi have beautified the garden and picked us a bouquet for our table.... And Shirley has chased a few butterflies and fractalized all the flowers....

Snooker, Patti and I will be more than glad to watch.... We'll try to keep our helpful hints to a minimum....

Will have to get oddio or some of the lumberjacks from Waroona to do the building, as carpentry is not my forte...

What a lovely afternoon..... See you soon.... :) :)


Another delightful find for our Empire. You are very good at this my dear! The colors are beautiful, the whole scene is a delight, thanks!


Keep up the good work, Sally.


I enjoy Pat and Patti. Maybe I can help with some garden work.
It's a beauty. Thank you


There is so much to see, beautiful butterflies, humming birds and a great array of flowers, very relaxing sitting on the lawn, Thanks Sally :) :)


I'm going to sit with Snooker! Thsi is gorgeous! Thanks, Sally!

I'm just going to sit outside and let you gals do the work. :)


Very sweet Sallygirl. You build the cottages and do the landscaping, I'll do the interior decorating :)


Lovely thanks Sally


Beautiful sceneri - thanks for sharing :-)