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Who Knew???

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Small individual and anonymous acts of kindness can have a ripple effect much wider than we can imagine.

Try doing a spontaneous random act of kindness for a stranger or someone you know. Whether is just smiling at a stranger, buying a sandwich for a homeless person, or telling someone how much you appreciate them - a random kind act can really make someone's day or even change a life.


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Jan, thank you for sharing that amazing story, it's humbling to hear how such a small random act changed another person's future. :~)


Mandy - this gave me chills. I know someone who, through a RAK, actually saved someone's life. She didn't find out for years. But, her simple gesture, the gift of a rose, actually made someone who was down on her luck and at her wit's end, even contemplating suicide, stop and say to herself that people do care about each other. We never know when something we say or do can change someone's life. Thank you for reminding me. It is a wonderful puzzle - - and philosophy of life! :)


Thanks whatnauts :~)


This is a great reminder that little things can make a big difference. Thanks for the reminder, monza.


You're welcome Katie - it's seems that those people I know best on Jigidi are already well versed in this... long may it continue. :~)


Thank you for this heartwarming day Mandy. I've been practicing this for years - it can truly make the world a better and happier place. :-)


That's wonderful PJ, that you've experienced the benefit of both giving and receiving, and also that your community children are learning and responding to the message. Thanks :~)


Dear Mandy, thank you for this kind reminder. Wondeful puzzle and message today. YES, I've been both on the receiving and the giving end - and both gives a good feeling. And kindness can spread like ripples :-)
The schools in our area have a program of showing / teaching kids kindness and concern - and we do start to see fine results.


Wise words, thanks Lela :~)


Yes, this is a very sound philosophy........I think it's something you have to learn, and make the effort to keep all your life........and not change when others fail to treat you in like manner, for then you just become part of a vicious circle.......I believe in "Do unto others......"........
Oh yes.....thank you, Hee-Hee!.......


Enjoy today Pat, thanks.


Wendy, that is wonderful to hear, thank you :~)


Thanks Rosie, for the humility of your heart!! I'm honoured that you felt so moved to comment on this puzzle, and in no way can that be classed as running away... just your presence is valued, and I'm so happy that you're already a supporter of this concept... no matter what it gets called!


Golly, you guys make me feel so special!!

Thanks Ardy, for the thanks and all the encouragement, not only on my puzzles, but in so many other puzzle profiles too, and for so often seeing and highlighting the small details in puzzles in a way that enhances.


Love the random act of kindness.....Thanks Mandy


This is the best "Who Knew" puzzle of all, Mandy.


Forgot to give Mandy kudos---these puzzles she posts after researching and gathering the information on them and the pictures to go with the days of the week are her little acts of kindness to us every day and I selfishly went to do the puzzle without saying thanks. So, I apologise first for running away and then I saw thank you very much from the bottom of my black and nasty heart for being so wonderful and giving us these wonderful opportunities of learning.


Random acts of kindness have been around since the beginning of time--it's just that no one ever noticed it. Now we do. I taught it to my kids when they were two and three and they are passing it on to theirs and to their god children. I always marvel at how other people perceive it. Here it's been called Minnesota nice all my life, a conversation on a street corner waiting for a bus, opening a door for the person going into the building you are standing in front of , letting the person enter the bus first, giving your seat to an older or pregnant person, sharing a cleanex, your bag of chips or candy, just saying hi to a stranger you pass as you walk down a street. All simple random acts of kindness. Try it, you'll like it!!!!!


What a wonderful world this would be if this day were always being celebrated. I see it so often here on Jigidi. Last July I signed on to Jigidi one morning and found a much wanted star with my name. I know who did it and have thanked her every day since then. I thought I had to use Pay Pal but didn't want to set up an account for one time use. Since then I found out from Stefan that a credit card can be used which has let met pay it forward. Mandy you are doing such a wonderful service providing this every day. Thank you so much.


Magda, thank you for sharing your story - how wonderful that you experienced such sweet kindness from a stranger, particularly after an unpleasant encounter. I believe such generosity of spirit will not go unrewarded. :~)


I would like to share a small story. When I returned to Switzerland, at over 60, I did not know how to find an apartment. one day someone I asked for help was not very polite with me. That gave me the rest to my already frayed nerves and I could not stop crying, even in the bus. As I had (of course) no hanky with me, an Asian lady who sat near me, quietly gave me a hanky. she did not say a word, but this small act of kindness helped me to pull myself together and go on. I will never forget.


Thanks Magda - smiling is amazing - you us and for the recipient and it costs nothing!


Thanks Barb, it sounds like you're already living it too. :~)


Oh thanks Edie, you must have felt the RAK vibe... it's actually a weekly celebration, which I didn't realise until yesterday when I researched for the puzzle... there are even lesson plans and a pilot programe to teach kids kindness in schools... but until recently I had not heard of it! You didn't need my input - from what you say you're already living it :~)


This is a very nice and sensible kind of day. Smile awhile.....


A wonderful day to celebrate, Mandy, and one we can celebrate any day of the year, Edie. That was so kind of you to help the man out in the grocery line. In the past I've often bought a coffee and muffin for some homeless person and it does give one a feeling of warmth. And I believe a random act of kindness comes back to you later on when you need help. Thanks again, Mandy, for posting these Who Knew puzzles. :-)


Well I must have been a day early when I gave the guy in the grocery line ahead of me $5 yesterday to make up his shortfall. He looked like he needed it and was so appreciative that it made me feel good all day. Thanks for making everyone aware of how simple it is to be kind. Love the puzzle too.