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Potpourri158 - Tiny - rj

36 pieces
154 solves
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You're so welcome, Sue. It's always my pleasure. Glad you enjoy them. :)))


Thanks, Robyn. I enjoy these so much.


Hi Jude. No problem, hon. I'm going to leave you a message on your puzzle at:

That way it'll be waiting for you when you're up to it again. :))


Wow, Willy, 2:14 is an excellent time!! Congrats!! It's exciting to get on the board once in a while, more like once in a blue moon for me. In fact, I'm usually taken by surprise if I get a good time. I'm usually 10 minutes off on the larger puzzles. But, I also don't worry about the time and just like to enjoy solving the puzzles. Glad you loved the puzzle and enjoyed yourself solving it, hon. You are always most welcome. :))


Robyn I LOVE this puzzle, I was using the laptop, and my time is 2:14, so good enouch. But who cares about time when we see such a great puzzle as this on!!!
Thank you alot,
I hope that Judy will be alot better to.:-)))


Robyn, I want to thank you for the long response on my puzzle:

I have been unable to be on the computer for awhile now; I cheated yesterday and made a puzzle, but I've been ordered to lie flat and not sit in a chair until I've healed, and we don't know how long that will be. I just wanted you to know I really, really appreciate your message and for learning a bit about you. I must not stay on long now, but it seems the dr. is being adamant. Saw her today. Take care, and I'll write when I can. Judy


Hi Mimi... you're so welcome, hon. :)) And thank you.


I do love your puzzles Robyn, thanks for the fun!