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Sweet and Spotty

64 pieces
159 solves
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Original Title: Sweetness
I had to call this "Sweetness" because it looks so cute in the preview pane. Unfortunately, not so sweet as puzzle pieces....just plain dotty.
Second Title: Sweet and Spotty
[Thanks goes to two dogs and seven cats]


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I'm glad your fingers are no longer sticky, Mandy. I don't want the puzzles to be sticky for everyone else. I should provide you and certain others with a washcloth and soap. :-)
Oh geeez, I just looked at your time on this. WOW!


I left this a while in the hope that those aliens have finished whatever it was they were doing!! It seemed safe to come and play... and I had a good time... there were a few bits of strawberry left around which make my fingers a bit sticky, but a good lick and they're fine now. Thanks Wendy :~))


PJ, I hope you cleaned up the spotty pieces after you solved the puzzle. In the future, I should probably provide cleaning cloths for those of you who make a mess during puzzle solving. Now I'm not accusing you of making a mess. It's just that when you see a mess, like the one that Billie made, it should be taken care of. LOL

I'm so glad, Linda! You're very welcome, and I'll repeat, I left a message for you on the flower puzzle from yesterday or the day before. The bottom line is that I'd love to dedicate a puzzle to your granddaughter, but it may take some time before I decide that one is "just right." Let me know though. :-)


Loved this puzzle! Thanks so much! :)


Wendy - such a sweet - spotty - and fun puzzle. And, I did find all the last little 'evasive' spot-pieces.
Very enjoyable.


Hester, you'll have to take up your strawberry problem with Billie. I will not be held responsible for any messes on Jigidi. When I posted this, all the strawberries were intact. I hope those aliens you see are only peeking, not doing what you said they are doing. Reread, dear Hester. ;-)


Nope, she didn't and I'm still picking out seeds from my hair! And pulp from my eyebrows. Not a pretty sight but it makes a good natural face mask! LOL
On second viewing, there are blue faced aliens peeing out from between the dollops of cream around the strawberry goo. Who'da thought they'd be into strawberries! :-))


LOL! Billie, the strawberries did explode. I hope you cleaned up the mess. ;-)

I had so much fun working this crazy puzzle, it thought strawberries exploded.


whatnauts, you just got another top spot! What is it with you and a few others today? It's nice to see you at the top again. :-)


I'll leave you and 2dogs to work out the titles, while I continue to solve your wild, wacky and wonderful puzzles!! (3:24)


Edie, I think you're going to hold a new world's record in the number of puzzles you solve today. LOL
OK, sweet and spotty, it is. :-)


It's still sweet Wendy, just sweet and spotty, I enjoyed it. thanks