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Taking a Spin

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Growly, the sooner you make the swap, the better! Another thing you could do is lock her out of the house. I think that would probably be even more effective.


Wendy, I'm afraid it was a fair cop! I have a cunning plan. I shall swop her coffee for decaf. Tee hee!


OK, Edie, I"ll post it later on today. Thank you! :-)


Since you are forcing my hand here I'll choose #2 because I like blue. Won't be around for awhile. Heading out with my son in law for a shopping trip. Hopefully be back on this afternoon.


Edie, why, oh why, do you have to respond like that? I have a bunch of planter puzzles to make- and now I feel like I'm stuck right at the beginning (other than Jenny's). Well, you're going to have to come up with an answer because I'm not going to post all three. LOL
And why, oh why, did about 5 of you all pick the same puzzle? It's not fair! It's hard to make a bunch of different versions so that everyone has a unique puzzle.

PJ, that's great! You enjoyed this puzzle for almost 4 minutes more than Ms. whatnauts. hehehe :-)

Magda, let me find my sandals and then I'll be right over. :-)

whatnauts, it really does! I'm surprised. :-)


Amazing, it looks like this ball could pop right out of here for someone to play with.


Can you come with me to the lake, Wendy? Tomorrow is still sunshine, and I would love to play with your beautiful ball. Thank you, c u.


Wendy - I love this puzzle, and I spent over 10 min. enjoying it, happy colors and excellent design.


I feel like I'm in Sophie's Choice. How am I supposed to choose between 3 when I like them all. Love the coloured stems and leaves. I would be happy with any of these Wendy. Some of these flowers are so cool. I'm still admiring them. Thank you


Hester, I don't think it's fair that you beat Growly by 35 seconds. Are you absolutely sure that you didn't use his alias, and his, yours?

Growly, is Hester hiding the coffee from you? Hide hers from her.


I think I'd better try some of that coffee stuff, too slow at 7:37! ;-)


I tried, and I tried but I'm still 1 second behind Fast Fingers Edie! Drat! Love this bouncy beach ball, Wendy! Thanks! :-)


Edie, see if you like any of these. I know you liked the square ones in the other puzzle (the one where you said the squares would make great flowers). If you really want one with square flowers, I can do that instead.


Willy, NO, you stole MY colors! BAD Willy! LOL
I made this one a month before you joined Jigidi!
Making and responding to comments takes a long time. Sometimes it used to take me up to three hours in a day just to do that. I'll go for a bike ride with you after I'm done creating today. ;-)

Nice time, Ms. Edie. Did you see where I created a puzzle for you, but I'm not sure that you'll like it. I know. I'm going to give you some choices. I'll be back in a bit, and will post them in links that you can check out here.


Much better when I don't have to worry about what the other hand is doing.


Wendy :'( you have stolen my colors!!!!
(I like a joke to, and now I am gonna solve this "beautyball"!!!!
I was biking today and the only thing that I was doing on Jigidi was give and answer comment.
I love to create and solve puzzles but this one I am gonna solve before I do the rest.
Willy. ;-)


Thanks so much, Linda. I pay extra to have good colors.*

*Just Joking! hehehe ;-)

i love your colors


Edie, when I used to solve puzzles oftentimes I'd spill my coffee on the keyboard. I learned that if I vacuumed the keyboard IMMEDIATELY, that my keyboard would be fine. It really works even though I have lots of sugar in my coffee. Now, I always keep a vacuum right by my desk.

On another note, I made you your puzzle but I'm not so sure you'll like it that I'm not putting your name on it. If you like it though, it will be yours. I'm posting it later on today.


Well I just discovered something new. Drinking coffee with one hand while solving with the other is a big distraction. I didn't want it to get cold and I have someone coming over so I wanted to solve this. Still lots of fun and this time I can say with certainty that I will be faster when I solve it again. Thanks Wendy, it went great with my cuppa java.