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Spilled Paint

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Francine, I missed your reply, and although short, I will say you're welcome.

Sue, you're catching up! I already read your other comments today. :-)


Lots of fun, thanks Wendy. Looks like I am a month behind on my bookmarks. LOL 6:37


Thanks Wendy.


Oh, Francine....I don't know whether to be happy or sad. I have had dogs all my life...until I married my husband. And the thing I've probably regretted most in my life is having given up my dog to marry him (the apartment my husband had didn't allow pets). One of my favorite dogs I had was named Pepper.

I so hope that Pepper heals completely. There's nothing more important than our children and our pets. Thank you for telling me.

Mandy, when I spill paint by accident, I intentionally make the spills as beautiful as possible. It's hard to do that with accidents (do things intentionally). ;-)


Its certainly a very artistic paint spillage... thanks Wendy.


Wendy, long story. Sorry.
Our dog needed emergency surgery on August 31st as he quickly lost total use of his hind legs and control of his body functions. [He was perfectly fine the night before when we enjoyed our last walk together.]
...Three herniated disks. Surgeon said he was surprised our dog hadn't been feeling pain and had been as energetic as he was. He's never been injured.
...Dog's surgery unsuccessful at the time and he had to stay in vet hospital for 13 days. We spent our time travelling over 3 hours and daily visiting with him.
...Our Pepper came home with still no hind leg functions nor body function control. So we've been exercising and watching over him.
~Am now pleased to say that after three weeks of being home, he has tremendously improved. He's able to stand and do some walking and do his business outdoors.
~Have been in Jigidi to keep in touch with a friend mostly and just look at a few puzzles.
...One of us still has to watch / be with him to ensure he doesn't injure himself.

Autumn is here and there's so much to do before snow. Everything was put aside.


Pat, you could write a book on your confrontations with Spellcheck. I'm serious! Thank you for telling me.


I hope this is acrylic and not oil-based--much easier clean-up! Challenging but fun--it went faster after I realized that the sorted colors also went side-by-side, and not just in vertical chains... Still haven't learned to look at it before I solve it! (And spellcheck wanted to change "sid-by-side", my typo, into "seed-by-side"--it never even suggested side-by-side!).


Francine, I'm curious why you are no longer solving. I think you know the reason why I don't solve anymore. I wonder how many of us don't solve puzzles at all...come to think of it.

Barb, at least you can enjoy the fame of being in 3rd place at the moment. LOL
I wouldn't want to clean up the mess either....which is why all the paint is still in a puddle on my floor.


That was quite a challenge for me, Wendy, as you can see by my time (10:22) but lots of fun, although I wouldn't want to clean up the mess left by spilled paint. :-)))


Another great one. Am not solving these days ~ just admiring.