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Is It Spring?--Really?--Already?

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These one or two examples of things are already blooming. Irises, daffies, etc., have blades a couple inches above ground. Azaleas are right on time in my area---full of buds but still a few weeks until bloom. I just hope a freeze or two doesn't come along now & kill everything that's trying to 'get up' early..........


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Let me know, Sissel, how it goes for you with the job practice. It sounds great!....................


Dear Ann - only time helps. I overdone my self one day and the next days are crayzy. But in some ways my brain makes new ways to use. Next week I start in a jobpractise 2 times a week = 6 hours a week at start. Then perhaps there will be something from1. April. Thanks for your carring :-)


Sissel, sorry it is so cold for you there. Wish I could send you some of our warmth. Are you still in therapy? Is there anything the doctors can do?.................


Dear Ann - it nice to see your spring - I think you found out take good photo - we have had deep frozen for 3 weeks (see puzzle today) but from yesterday we will have between +2-+7C until weekend. Not good in head at the time so not so much Jigidi and reading/write ;-)


Hi Elfie. I do wish I could send you some 'warm'. It is so cold where you are. But when Spring & Summer come to you, you always have the most glorious displays of carpets of flowers. I often envy YOU! Thanks, Sweetie...............

Pat, I don't have many yet. I like to imagine that these are the Puxatawney Phils of the flower world---poking their heads out of the ground to see if it's safe. They then tell the others,"Come on up! The weather's fine!" or, "Brrrrrr, stay where you are awhile longer. The daylight & warmth are fleeting & misleading!". But I'm glad we're getting closer. I HATE COLD!! :-) Thanks, Pat.............


Oh dear spring flowers ..... we are getting closer.... Thanks Ann


Some of them would be able to have a touch of frost! It's just wonderful for you to look at all this growing - do envy you a little bit!! Thanks so very much Ann!!


Hi GARY43 & Monica. They are nice, aren't they. Nothing much blooming yet but you can see in the photo that stuff is coming up already. I love the warm weather & HATE the cold, but I don't want any more stuff to think it's Spring & come up just yet. We still have 3 or 4 more weeks when a freeze is likely, or at least possible, here in N. Fla...............


Beautiful flowers Ann! Thanks!


O.M.G. I sure hope spring isn't coming yet, i'm still enjoying the coolness of winter! Beautiful flowers by the way! Thanks Ann!