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Thursday's Sunflower

42 pieces
325 solves
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Mary, I almost never leave the house either now. I like spending my time in my office so it's not such a bad thing. Hmmmm, I have the strong feeling that you're not working on the dance step booklet. Unless it's that you're working on the titles of the dances first. ;-)


It's time for the Thursday-xrays-are-over-Flower Dance! This is surely one of the prettiest of all time but it took me forever to get it solved! Must have worn myself out actually leaving the house and going for xrays. I almost never leave the house since I work from home! LOL Thanks, Wendy!


What can I say, Sue, but "Happy Bookmarking." LOL I hope you enjoy the full time work.


I'm having to bookmark almost everything for a couple of weeks as they have me working full time at school right now. Talk to you soon.


I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Sue....and I'm glad you're back. I'll be back to post puzzles soon...but am taking a bit of a break for now.


Great puzzle, Wendy. Thank you for the fun. 1:59


I'm delighted you enjoyed this, Lee. I just learned how to do this so I'll make more of them in the future. I really think this one is cool. :-)

It was a pleasure to do this puzzle.....thank you so much.


Ardy, I'm sure you'll see that I solved Neekei's 4 piece puzzle and that I left you some comments, before you'll see my response here. And yes, I told you what happened with the "solve" problem.

Mandy, PJ, whatnauts, and Kathy- I'm delighted that you guys like this one so much. I think it's way cool too. :-)


Right on target with this one Wendy. The colors are wonderful. I can not even find that many colors on my color chart when designing a puzzle LOL


Wendy, this is fabulous. I love, love, love the multi-colours.


How absolutly fun to solve Wendy. Love the colors and the design (- and the size)


Bright and beautiful rays of hope flowing into the spinning maelstrom of turmoil we know as life!!!!! Its gorgeous, thanks Wendy.


Wendy, I posted Neekei's favorite sleeping place and put in a 4 piece one for you. I did something wrong as it opens to the "Solve it now" page. But you can get to the puzzle. Maybe you can tell me what I did wrong.


I know,'s just today I notice it more than ever before. :-)


I've looked all around me....don't see Ardy. We must be psychically connected today! I do know that we like the same kinds of puzzles and regularly visit the same puzzle creators.


Question for Ardy and Katie? Are you two connected at the hip so to speak? Everywhere one goes, the other follows today! LOL!
I'm so glad you both liked this one. It was a last moment pick for me. I couldn't decide which 'flower' to post, but I knew I had to post one for the two of you.


Fabulous - a sunburst! Thanks Wendy!


Delightfully bright and colorful. Love it, Wendy. Thanks.