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Home Sweet Home : sunset reflection on our house

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Ann, what a sweet thing to say!You are more than welcome dear friend. I hope you are seeing the Jekyll photos! Isn't the weather great down here!


Who else but The Artist would have thought to photograph a sunset reflection on windows--or would have had camera at the ready? Thanks, Artist...........


It is, Hanne. The view is beautiful, but I cannot imagine one more spectacular than the view you describe that you have from your house!


Brilliant, T! Just like a couple of friends of mine. .. :-)

The sunsets are exquisite at both locales! I love them. I'm a night owl so I don't see too many sunrises, lol.


Oh, it looks like a nice place to live!! Thanks so very much Jill!!


Tough choice so maybe don't choose and have two favourite homes :-)
Doesn't the setting sun make a wonderful glow on whatever it touches. Gladdens the heart. Thanks for sharing this view with us, Jill.


I think it has become a toss up for me, dear Sirley, lol!


Nothing like, Home Sweet Home, very nice Jill, but I do like Jekyll too. Thanks Jill.


Hi anther. The view is of the valley with a mountain on the other side. We overlook buildings and roads and to the far left, farmland, The largest building you see is a warehouse. You are very welcome!.... :-)


Nice one Jill. Is your view buildings or water - can't decide? Thanks for sharing.