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Snowy Rose 3x3 c ff

100 pieces
440 solves
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Hi Advia - of course... I'll nip to monza005 and do it now :~)


Hi Mandy could you please post this larger?


Thanks whatnauts and Pat :-)


Great didn't make the board but had fun fun solving ...thanks Mandy


Lovely snow roses, monza. (6:07)


I've only done that once that I know of and I really was tempted to leave it that way, but then, like yours, there was a "state secret" so I changed it to a more boring, but applicable title. LOL


Wendy I'm ROFLMAO!! I can only plead "Temporary Insanity". This is the one I had terrible trouble posting yesterday, I must have tried 8 or 9 times and each time the jig just kept on jigging!! I was so relieved when it actually got created I completely forgot to change the title. I'm going to leave it... LOL. As you say, it's important... but a good job I deleted half the title in a vain attempt to get the puzzle to post... or it could have given away all my state secrets!


Thanks Jan - how lovely, I can see your star shining brightly, and you commented an hour ago, it's 300 solves now... hopefully you'll hang on :~)


Mandy, this is TERRIFIC! Bold and Beautiful. :-) I'm so glad that your title makes so much sense. Don't change the "3x3 c ff." It's important. LOL


Hi Mandy! This is such a fun puzzle. I love your bright design! And, it was such a fun solve! Just Yummy!
(made the board at 268 solves....6:00. will be off soon, but - on one of your puzzles, that is a win!)