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Are new grandmas allowed to make a puzzle out of the first grandbaby?

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Her name is Adeline. :) Arrived right on time -- this morning.


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Thank you Shirley!!!


Oooh, Patti, she is so sweet, what a lovely name they have chosen, New Grandmas can make as many puzzles they like of their first grandbaby, I've been away, but I'm so glad I didn't miss these, Thank you Patti, for sharing this cute little girl.


Thank you so much Puzzaddled!


Goodness, what fun you're going to have with this little sweetheart! Congratulations Grandma and welcome to our Jigidi family, Adeline! (She's the smell of babies..don't you?)


Thank you PG! Yes, I am just delighted with this precious beauty, of course. I missed you guys too, but knew I was where I had to be. Glad you all had a good time!


She is a beauty and you should be as proud as you can be. We missed you but this is so much more important and beautiful. Enjoy her and love her as I know you will.


Oh, thank you ALL so very much for your wonderful words! I don't have much time online right now -- am with mother & baby. Will get back to puzzles in several days I think. In the meantime, I appreciate all your kind comments!!!

Francine -- will listen when I can -- will be fun! Thanks!


Patti, Adeline is beautiful and perfect. Am so happy for you.
...Perhaps you've heard these:
Ballad for Adeline:
Sweet Adeline:


She's a beauty, Patti! I wrote to you on Ank's puzzle of her, thinking it was you. Oops. You must be very proud and happy that your little grand-angel is here to hold in your arms.


Welcome to the world Adeline! Your grandmother will want to spoil you ....let her!


Ohhhh,she is a beauty,congrats,thanks for letting us see her.


aw what a cute baby!


What a beautiful addition to the world. Congradulations and thanks for sharing.


Absolutely, Patti!!! I am so happy for you all!


Thank you Oddio -- you're right -- I couldn't not!

TS -- Awww, thank you! I do feel lucky!

Robryan -- Thank you! You got that right!

Celeste -- Thank you! Does that make her Irish?!

Lajuin -- Thank you! Only about 2 hours away.

Goingsilver -- Thank you! She is that!

Sally -- Thank you! Yes, a joy for sure!


She's gorgeous, Patti... A beautiful name, Adeline.... What a joy for parents and a proud grandma... Thanks so much for sharing her with us.... :) :)


Many congratulations proud Grandma on your beautiful bundle of happiness!


WELCOME to the club! Tis fun. Hope she lives near you so that You have more pleasure. Alas, I was not that lucky.


Awww Congrats PLG. Got yourself a St.Patricks grandbaby.
What a beauty!!


Congratulations Grandma Patti :))) She's adorable & I bet you can't wait to spoil her!!


I've come back to look at this baby about 7 times already! She's a precious little doll, and you're so very lucky! She's so beautiful, Patti!


Wonderful, in the true sense of the word. How could you NOT share this blessing! Thanx.


Thank you Snooker, RH & Gene. :) I'm just delighted and grateful. Mother & baby doing just fine!


What a doll cute...Adeline is just gorgeous...congrats have been rewarded from heaven.... :))))


How precious. Thanks for sharing her with us, PLG. ; )

Congrats, Patti. She is lovely.


Thank you Ank, Anitas, Maria, & GMAjANET! You're all so kind! :)

Absolutely!! That's what grandmas are for. I wish I had done this with each of my 4 great-grands. Thank you so much. She's beautiful.


Welcome little Adeline we are all happy to meet you!
Congratulations Patti or should I say proud grandma!
Thank you for sharing a wonderful moment. Hugs.


You deserve to brag. Congratulations. She is beautiful.


Patti I agree with Tex. Newborn babies often look like old men (lol). This baby is beautiful, she has a smooth clear skin. Thus she seems older.


Thank you Chookies! (We crossed.) It's Grandma. I think -- we'll see what happens!


Thank you Emerger! I think so too. :)

Thank you Ank. Yes, all went well and everyone is still doing well!

Thank you TS. :) Funny that she looks older. This picture was only a few hours old!


Congratulations Grandma or is it Nanna or Nan? She's such a gorgeous little sweetheart and I can tell that you're 'tickled pink' to have her come into your world. Congrats to the parents as well, Patti.


Wow! What a gorgeous little grandbaby! She's so perfect and looks like she's already 2 months old! Congratulations, I know you'll make a phenomenal Grand!


Aww Patti, I'm so happy for you, and she is beautiful, Adeline a lovely name. Can I assume that all went well? Congratulations for you and for the parents. I hope Adeline may grow into an amazing (grand-)daughter.


Congratulations, Grandma. I think she's going to be a real beauty!


Thanks Pat.:) 7.4 pounds, -- don't know how long. Never thought to ask.


What a beautiful baby.... And I know Grandma is so proud..How much did she weigh and how long???? such a cutie


Thank you Gemstone! LOL!


How wonderful! A miracle in miniature. Congratulations! :)))

P.S. You're only allowed to post FOUR pictures per day. LOL