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A beautiful day for a walk.

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It's -18C but if you're dressed warm it's a nice sunny day. Right after this shot Luke came over and I ended up on my back.


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You're very welcome Jana. How has your winter been so far. Any snow and cold temperatures yet? I was happy to see that you are taking care of the cat that your neighbours left behind. That's very nice of you :-)))


I just found and solved your puzzle Dagmar. It was very exciting to see you after such a long absence. Right now we have a seasonal -2 with heavy snow falling. Should have another 15-20 cm by the morning. Not really a fall, just a little roll in the snow that's all. Hope you survived the holidays and all is well with you and yours. Thanks for coming by :-)))


Thank you so much Edie for this lovely photo, stay warm. Hugs for you and cuddle for Luke and Cole :-)))


I hope that things are getting warmer at your place and that there are no bruises from the fall. There has been no snow here so far and our lowest temperature has been -15 ºC in the mountains. I have been trying to post again today, but at the moment there seems to be a problem with Jigidi and I might have to wait until tomorrow.


For sure Jan. I've only had one really bad fall since moving here. The dogs were young, still under a year and they used to do this thing in the field where they would run in circles at full speed. Well Luke misjudged and clipped the back of my legs and took them out from under me. I went straight in the air and landed on my shoulder and my head hit the ground hard. It was minutes before I was able to get up and felt ill with headaches and nausea for two days. A slight concussion I'm guessing. After that I started carrying a walking stick and would hold it out at arms length when they came around :-)))


heehee :-))))


One thing about ice, if you are dressed with a lot of layers it is softer to land on you keester.


'Trap Line'..... Groan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (◕‿◕)


Sally, 30 years ago I lived with a guy who was always frustrated because I couldn't do things outside because I was always too cold. Well he bought me this Eddie Bauer expedition down jacket and that's one part of me that has never been cold. I often have to take off the hood because I get too hot. It's my hands and sometimes my feet that I have problems keeping warm. I hadn't walked the dogs in 3 days so it was fun to get out in the fields with them. Besides, had to check my trap line ;-)))


I was petting him to get him to stay in the shot Ardy. No, wasn't hurt in the least. Probably looked comical if someone had been there to see it. Are you prepared with candles and flashlight in case you do loose power? Our temps are going to be milder tomorrow and Sunday as well but they are calling for 6-8 " of snow on Sunday. This is an old but warm jacket Ardy. I've never been cold in it even once.


You are a true Northwoods woman.... Survivor of the elements... Thanks for the pics.... (◕‿◕)


Love the expression on Cole's face, Edie. Glad you weren't injured by Luke's exuberance. I did some shoveling and cleaned off the car. It's supposed to go down to single digits F. tonight. The winds are also supposed to die down this evening. I've had power all day and hope it stay on tonight. Thanks for the picture. You look like real outdoors woman.


It makes me cough as well cinderfire so I wear a wool neck warmer and breathe through that and it really helps. These guys love the cold. In the summer they're like a couple of sloths. Hardly bothering to move.


Brave lady getting out in -18C, I have asthma so don't get out much in this weather. Aren't dogs fun in the snow and mine loves to roll in it, at least for a short time!


It does when you have big dogs and one of them, Luke, is so possessive and jealous he couldn't stand the idea of Cole getting some attention and him missing out so he just barged inbetween and there I went :-)))


Thanks Florrie. I may do all of those things but just because I want to. The snow was deep and soft and I just rolled backwards into it. I'm already almost on the ground when I snapped this.


I'm fine Barb. I'm already down on my haunches here so I didn't have far to fall. Just kind of rolled backwards. Hardest part was getting back up with the boys 'helping' me.


Oops that sometimes happens, enjoy your paradise.


Oh dear, hope you are okay? I suppose Luke got over excited and swept you off your feet? The sun is wonderful, I even stepped out on the balcony for a few minutes and it was very nice but I'm protected a little from the wind. Thanks, Edie. :-)