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Sunshine & Flowers Dessert Bracelet with Lapis & Starfish & Scarabs!

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I could not come up with an interesting title. I am hoping you can help me out. :)
The new title reflects all the lovely descriptions made by so many people. (listed below!)


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Now THAT is a title, Jan! LOL!!!


It wasn't me... ;-D


Pat - my titles are so sad. I might just have done that! Not all of us have the verbal skills (writing skills?) as you do! :))

Michelle, I do NOT think there was room for a single word more!!! Now stop clicking!! YIKES!


:-D My insects made the title too! rah!

*click* *click* *click*.......eeeeeeek!


Ah, you should have called it: "It was glass and it was in the fall"! I love that! :-)))


PJ - I made this months ago and wish I could remember the original image. It was glass and it was in the fall. Oh well, maybe later! :)
So glad you liked it. It is a funny title. Thanks so much!

Mandy - the original title was "Tile 37" (for no reason at all). So which is better is up for debate! Loved the people helping out, though!


Nice title!!! LOL!!


Jan - this is screaming wonderful GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it. And the title is just great and hilarious.


Hester - was trying to put "barking" in the title and it just wouldn't work!!


You got first dibs on the bracelet, Pat! I read it and didn't mention it. MEA CULPA. Chalk it up to old age creeping in.


Moi, Michelle?? Not never, no how! Pure as the driven snow, me.honest! :-))


I am going to sue groovingator for plagiarism! JUST KIDDING! But I do claim to be the one to have come up with the description, posted earlier... :-)))))


But no insects, Jan?


Since WHEN, Hester?


Totally barking and absolutely lovely! I haven't been partaking of the substances some of our puzzlers may have been ( you know who you are, LOL) but I do seen utterly delightful design. Top marks Miss Jiggy!! :-))


Ardy - what a beautiful image! And a happy tune!

Hanne - please don't eat it quite yet! Head to the kitchen! LOL

Katie & Ank - thank you so much!

Groovingator - No it won't fit. But, what a wonderfully detailed description! Thank you!

Michelle - Odd, yes! But, it's a very fun image to visualize! Insect and nectar - LOL

Mandy - Starfish to the Rescue? Love it! You must know I'm a diver.

Thanks to all of your great ideas, there is now a title on this puzzle - It's a bit strange, but I like it!!


This is absolutely gorgeous, but in consideration of a title, I say what I see.... a very stylised starfish in the centre, with a completely over the top decorative life-belt!!! Now I don't think starfish needs to be rescued, but perhaps it has brought the life-belt to someone who does.... hence Starfish to the Rescue!!! LOL!!!


Fatal Attraction. For whatever reason, they purplies look like intricate insects (almost painted scarabs) with beautiful and intricate folding antennae and vestigial wings. The sit on the outer corona of petals of a glorious flower (that reminds me somehow of a passion flower) contemplating the beads of nectar on that attractive centre. Looking down from above, we can see the folded leaves and buds of more flowers yet to be. (Yeah, I'm just a little odd...)

" intricate bracelet with glazed yellow beads, swirled white-gold scroll-work clasping lapus lazuli eggs enameled with an etched red/purple overlay"

Not sure if that will fit in the title space...


Just beautiful.


Just gorgeous Jan! But sorry, I'm not very creative with titles either! I am so very happy to get a dose of orange though!


No title could possibly be as interesting as the design itself, Jan! It looks like an intricate bracelet with glazed yellow beads, swirled white-gold scroll-work clasping lapus lazuli eggs enameled with an etched red/purple overlay--and that's just part of the image! LOL! Gorgeous!


It's very good Ardy!! It might be a very nicely decorated dessert, some custard pudding with things made of marzipan and fruits! I think I'm hungry, I've better go and have something to eat!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


I'm not good at titles or captions. I found myself singing "You are my sunshine" Seems like sunshine and flowers to me. Thanks, Jan.