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Silk Ties!! ~ Small

36 pieces
90 solves
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You're funny Pat! Maybe you're like me. I can make the board if I get in early enough. And then the speedsters come along and knock me off. LOL


Still didn't make the board .... on the way up


So far Hester, you'll have to share it with Ardy and Robbie too. I'm sure we can work out some complicated time share arrangement!! LOL. :)))


LOL, Jan. It is all yours!! Quick, quick, grab it and run!! LOL


If Gail is up to sharing, I 'd pick the top left. It reminds me of Russian lacquer work. I'm not usually a fan of gilded things but this is a beaut! :-)


Looks like the bottom right is MINE! ALL MINE! I'm grabbing it quickly before everyone realizes what they have lost! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!! :D


I was just wishing you a happy cataloguing time, over on the tiny one, Ardy. Enjoy yourself! Like you need any encouragement. LOL


Gail, May we share the top right? It's my favorite too. Thanks, Kirsten. Had to come play with another one this morning (for me). I do need to go have a session with the exercise bike and get to school - new books are waiting for me! Have a wonderful night. ((HUGS))


Hi there, Fay!! Thanks for popping by, and I'm really glad you like it. :)))


Thanks Kirsten, my fav the bottom left.


Oh yes, He's Jigidi's kaleido speed demon! Whoosh! And he's solved it before you can blink! LOL


Turbo France is twice as fast as anyone else. :-)))


Gail, NO ONE can withstand the force of turbo Franc!! LOL


That's okay. You all can have the top right ~ I want the top left. And Franc was here. Drat. And Chrissie, Barb, Viggo and karmar. It was nice while it lasted!


It's in high demand, Barb! We may have to come to a time share arrangement!! LOL But I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)))

And I was just over at your place having a peaceful moment!!


Lovely, lovely, lovely! I'll take the top right, please, Kirsten. :-)))


LOL, Chrissie!! I nearly snorted my water all over my laptop!! But I agree. My silk ties ARE much nicer than Walter's nasty old polyester ones! Although really, ANY tie would be nicer then those. LOL :-DDD


Thanks, Kirsten. What a wonderful creation!
Much finer than Walter's polyester ties, mate :-)


Thanks Gail! I have to say that I think the top right is pretty good on the depth and clarity front. The others are good too, but that top right is amaaaaazing. And look at you in the number one spot!! :)))


Wow! This is stunning. The depth and clarity is stupendous. I feel I could look into this and see to the other side of the world. Great job, Kirsten.