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Phantom Fanatic Puzzle Reporter???

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Hi Libby, I just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm back online ~ FINALLY! I've missed Jigidi and everyone associated with it. If you feel like being bored, you can read my "diary" at:

I hope everything is well with you.


Well, I didn't get on the Leaderboard for this one, but I tried!
Don't know the story behind this, but hope the coward saw it!
I've responded to and answered your question, on my puzzle.
I'll be uploading another 8 fox photos over the coming week.


javasage, I haven't done your very few puzzles as they are larger than what I usually look favorite is "small." I have noticed that you have done ALOT of my puzzles...and I appreciate it. Just wanted to pass that along to you. By the way, I didn't see the puzzle(s) that you're referring to as they were posted before I joined. But I can tell you this, I may not believe in what other people believe in, but I'll defend their right to believe, reserving the right to disagree. I also believe in the filters that this website asks all people to respect. This site should be for enjoyment only. By the way, watching The Wizard of OZ on TV when I was young was an event to look forward to...It only came on once a year.


I am clicking my red shoes to go back to Kansas.


I've missed all the events preceding this, so I haven't a clue who's done what to whom. But I agree with you 100%, Java!


I put in another tiny dragon painting.


The word Cowardly explain a lot to me!!!
I try to use Jigidi as fun and good friends and mostly "understand" the nice things said, and it has helped me develope in so many ways.
Funny thing though - havent been able to put names on all my friends yet, so sometimes when I read a comment I have to combine jigidiname and name to find out quite what is written. But some of you always makes my day :-)

Hi Java,
I'm with Sissel, I don't understand below - I did not see post - I've been out of it lately.
But I complained about a post once because it showed a very young teenager girl in an objectionable pose. It was taken off ASAP.
If I knew the girl's Mother I would have called and told her to keep her young daughter away from the photographer and crowd. I think it was unsupervised kids at a party getting out of hand and e-mailing link to other friends.

Either way - I agree about
not hiding in cyberspace. Stand up for your beliefs and enter in a civil debate.
Thanks Libby - "Our Primo Jigiidi Defender". Sally

Sissel, It's the Cowardly Lion from the "Wizard of Oz". (Judy Garland classic).


I dont quite understand the comments, but I do think its a nice puzzle - he looks funny who ever he is :-)
Have forgotten "where he belongs"!


Thanks for taking the time to comment Francine and jacques, and YRH it's my royal pleasure! ;-)))

*correct typo below...that's stirring UP so much conflict...


BRAVO JAVA!!!! You couldn't have said it better if I'd said it myself. There is a very good lesson to be learned here, DO MESS WITH JIGIDI FRIENDS!!!
Thanks for the support friend;)))


i remember the movie, great picture


I am so shocked this is still here! ;-)))

Thanks for your comment tturner, I agree! Still one of my all time faves!

Thank you Ada and Pdev for your comments and support!

Yes Pdev, that was one of 2 jigs that profiler posted, the other was of Barbie on the floor...broken and bleeding while Ken "hepped hissef" to a beer from the fridge. One thing that has been troubling me about this whole episode now is how difficult it was to get those 2 jigs filtered/removed and how easily this one person is getting so many innocuous ones zapped!

One more comment to our PFPR then I promise to quit! ;-)
May I suggest you find some endeavor, a serious problem that really needs fixing, that can make a huge difference in the quality of someone's life, and devote all your time and energy to it, rather than stirring us so much conflict on a puzzle site which is for ALL OUR our enjoyment!

As you might guess, I take my fun and friends on Jigidi quite seriously! ;-)))


Yes!!!!!!!! This is the perfect photo to use for this person. And he or she is doubly cowardly, first for reporting puzzles that all but the most puritanical of prudes would have found unobjectionable; second, for then reporting the puzzles that dared to criticize this practice!

I remember the puzzle that you mention--it was a Jeffrey Dahmer-type setup, with Barbie holding a cleaver, I believe, and with bloody body parts in the fridge. I, too, wrote a comment on it, saying that it needed to be filtered. After a few hours with no response and no change in status, I also reported it, although I hated doing that. But that is one of the two types of puzzles that I agree with Jigidi about filtering, the other being porn. I don't agree with their insistence that proselytizing or polemical religious and political puzzles should be filtered, and won't report them, although many others do...

I agree fully with your passionate defense of free speech, nd I applaud you for stating it, and for posting this! Thank you!


I thought it would be gone also. Bravo! we'll see. Comment on belowmebbird re the other puzzles was informative, so I guess we should try to be a little more civil.


I expect this to be gone before I finish my comment, but feel so strongly about the recent "events" I couldn't help myself! I have a great deal of respect for ANYONE who will proudly stand up and be counted for what they believe in, even if I do not agree with their point of view!
I have reported ONE jig since I created my profile, and left comments for the creator before I did so, letting them know why I felt the image was objectionable and asking them to voluntarily delete it. It was a very obvious domestic violence scene depicted with Ken and Barbie. I was accused of not having a sense of humor by the creator, and was told it was a form of "art"! I then reported the jig, it came back almost immediately WITHOUT even being filtered! It was finally removed after 2 other people that I know of reported it as well!
I may or may not agree with anyone's beliefs...spiritual, religious, political or whatever, but will rigorously defend your right to believe how you may, and expect the same in return!
Having said that, to whomever is doing this ridiculous reporting stand up and show yourself, instead of hiding like a coward in cyberspace!!!


great movie, love his character. But scarecrow was my favorite.


I remember this guy! Great actors! Great characters! The affects seem cheesy now but back than it was state of the art and I love still watching this movie even though I have seen it upteen times. A true classic!