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My pal Buddy - looking good little fellow

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You're so welcome, and maybe you could take a "frisky" pic of her, if she is... :)))


I just came in from giving this little creature his daily brazil nuts...he actually caught the nut with his paws...getting smarter by the minute. Belle is doing better and she will be spending the day with us tomorrow. Thanks for asking Claudia.


Cute as can be Marian..How's Belle doing?


They can be such funny little characters Yellowgal...Buddy has attempted to come into the house for his brazil nuts, but he is not allowed. But he sits right at my toes with pleading eyes, and I can not resist him.

Love the story of you & Buddy . . ... he is adorable! We have a huge old maple tree outside our kitchen window which houses 5 squirrels, whom we treat from time to time. The largest, chunkiest one reminds me of your friend. He especially enjoys the leftover pumpkins after Halloween season!! Great photo : )))


Yes, they are sometimes a lot smarter T53de70....and my husband will be happy you like his lawn..he takes great care of it.


animals are a lot smarter than we humans give them credit for. nice lawn,too.


Well, if winter is anything like last time Lynn (7 months) he will need it. Besides, they stash a lot of the nuts.


Looking good, Marian. He is going to be one chunky squirrel this winter :)


Yes, he will take them from my husband...he knows a good thing when he "tastes" it. When I pick up some brazil nuts from the supermarket, (they know me there) they say he is one spoiled squirrel...


Thanks, Marian, that is the sweetest story of the relationship between
you and "Buddy" the squirrel. He has got it made in the shade, with
his treats of Brazil Nuts, 3 times a day, no less. What if you are gone?
Will he let your husband give him his little treat?


Hi Jlou...I have named this squirrel Buddy because he is such a friendly little character...If I see him about I will call "Buddy" and his little head pops up, and then I shake the Brazil Nut jar (he loves Brazil Nuts) and he runs straight to me from across the street (they have peanuts there but he won't give up having the Brazil nuts). He sits himself right at my toe, sits up on his hind feet and waits for me to give him his nut. I do not hand feed him but toss it a short distance away from me. He visits abut 3 times a day. I know he must have a stash of these nuts to last the winter for sure, and if not, he knows where to get them. Have a great day too, Jlou...


Good Morning Marian, Cute little neighbor you have there.
How close can you get to him? Thank you for the visits,
Have a good Sunday. jlou