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I'm sorry for the confusion, roberta64. It was directed at patsquire, in an attempt to point out his hypocrisy about the way soldiers should be defended and respected. This is the puzzle:


pdevredis: was your last question directed at roberta64 or one of the previous commentors? I don't remember commenting on a photo of a marine and his wife.


That was a lovely photo of a marine and his wife or girlfriend that you commented on--so nice of you to ask why he brought his mother. Was there some reason why you thought that was appropriate?


Thank you, Roberta. It wouldn't matter which picture of her was posted, just the fact of her continued free, easy lifestyle so many years after her blatantly traitorous actions. It wasn't "statements about Vietnam" it was the murder of American officers!


She was dressed in (I think) a cheerleader's outfit--not much, but nothing lewd--and reclining on the back seat of a car with her legs up to the side, touching the interior roof. (I only saw it once in passing, so if that's not quite accurate, I apologize...). It probably was taken in her Barbarella days. I have no idea why people found it offensive, unless it's because she looked sexy. I happen to think she's a great actress, although I don't agree with her statements about Vietnam, but I didn't mind the photo--it was just part of her earlier history... Some people are very quick to object to anything not totally rated G--and that includes politics and religion, not just sex.....

The apology makes a nice puzzle though.

I wish I had seen the puzzle also, just to see what all of the fuss was about. No matter what offends some, others will be delighted. You can't please everyone. I don't think you have anything to apologize for.

I wish I had seen the puzzle....I have absolutely no RESPECT FOR HER!