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Norton, right after his amputation at six weeks of age

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Poor Nortie, trying to navigate and jump on everything within reach. He usually succeeded, but when he didn't, the poor guy would land with a thunk. He could run faster than I can, which isn't saying much, but hey, I have all my limbs...


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Email coming up.


Shall we take this off line Gail? I think email me the exact links and stuff you need, and your address, and we'll take it from there. I'm glad to be able to help. And don't worry about the flag. I just mentioned it in jest. :)))


Thanks, Barb, Faye, Brie and Kirsten. I cannot accept a financial gift because I couldn't pay it back, but you're being so persistent, Kirsten, the things I could really use would be specific to the cats. They're all on Blue Buffalo cat food, which is pretty spendy. A glucometer specifically calibrated for felines with a supply of test strips would help, but they're expensive. He's going to need to be tested, at least in the beginning, once a week. As the disease progresses, he might need to be tested more frequently. And how could I possibly have forgotten you in Bonga Bonga? My humble apologies.


Won't you reconsider?


Oh Gail...everything seemed to be going so well. I would love to be in the position to help...RandomWorship - you are a star and I hope Gail will take you up on your offer. Our kitties are our children and it is as painful, if not more so, when they become unwell.
Sometimes angels come disguised as friends...both human and furry.


Oh, poor Norton...and poor you. Hope this is quickly sorted and Norton stabilizes. Blessings.


Just reading your updates, Gail, and please know I'm keeping you and Norton in my thoughts and prayers. They say raising children can be expensive, well so can raising pets, who after all are just like our children, aren't they? Take care. :-)


If you ever change your mind, just say.....

And sleep well. :)))


I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, Kirsten. You're so lovely to offer. But I can't accept it. That's what friends do ~ one offers, and the other politely declines. Norton is so far the $1,000 kitty, but I'll manage. It's just going to be tough what with all the expense of moving across the country. That is, if my house should ever sell... However, if you know of a rich sugar daddy, I'm game! Nortie's going to be an ongoing expense, with insulin most likely, and the glocumeter and test strips, and special food, and trips to the vet, and ... and ... and... And when I move, I won't have Andy and the other vets to rely on. I won't have someone willing to make house calls at no charge either, or a good friend I can rely on to take care of my cats. That's going to be one of the hardest things to do, to leave her and her clinic. I'm hoping to get him leveled out before then. Maybe you can sell some Girl Scout cookies and send me the residuals... ;)

I'm doing a face plant on my keyboard, so I must away. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


I'm sorry to hear of Norton's set back Gail. I hope that you can get a diagnosis, so you can then work through the treatment options. And an offer that I've made before stands. Absolutely. Just say the word. :))))


Here's the latest on Norton:

Norton peed on himself again. Andy, my vet, was off work today, so I spoke with one of her partners. Dr. Nolte is pretty sure at this point that he has diabetes. That would explain his walking on his haunches and peeing on himself. Andy is coming over tomorrow to run another glucose test. The first two came out a little high, but it could have been because he was stressed at having to go to the kitty emergency room and to see Andy the next day. I'll know definitively tomorrow whether he needs to be on insulin or not. I suppose if it's a choice between throwing a blood clot (essentially a stroke), a seizure (the second guess) or diabetes, diabetes isn't the end of the world like the first two might have been. It would be my fourth cat that had diabetes. Norton has been on prednisolone for seven years for his asthma, and diabetes is one of the side effects of the pred. Another day of laundry for me! It would mean I'd have to buy a glucometer, which is almost $200, plus the test strips. I'm in a bind, but it has to be done. Is there a wealthy person out there who wants to adopt an orphan?! ;)


No need to apologize. I wanted to mention it to you since I was sure you didn't know how to use that feature. I'm glad I could help. So many times I see people taking the time to leave comments and then they go unanswered. I know with certain people they don't bother to reply, which is unfortunate because it makes us less inclined to ever leave comments. It takes many hours (sometimes for each puzzle) for those of us who make kaleidos, collages and other artwork to create puzzles, and it's really helpful (especially to our egos!) to get nice comments. In your case, especially based on the many conversations we've had, I was sure you weren't aware of the feature.

Wasn't that an incredible website? Forget the houses, I just want the catios.


OMG!! No, I won't be showing mine the either. they will all want to be indoors!!


Hi Gail - thank you! I have been to the puzzles and have answered everyone - that makes me feel good.


Gosh! I didn't know that - everyone will think me so rude - my apologies


I also left you a message on the catio puzzle and my catio puzzle.


That's a great play area, Brie. Thanks for the explanation. It sounds like you need to protect your pets more from the human animals than from any other predator.

Did you know you have recent unanswered comments? You can change your created puzzles from chronological order to one that checks for most recent comments. There's a box that says "Sort by most recent comment". Check that box. If nothing happens, click anywhere on your monitor and the order of your puzzles will appear with most recent comment first. I know that Faye (Gemstone) and I both left you messages. Faye was asking about Pumpkin and I was asking if one of the two people in your "cousins" puzzle was of you. How is Pumpkin? Has your vet said approximately how much more time you have with her? My heart goes out to you, especially having just gone through Norton's near-death experience. He's still not out of the woods totally, but he is improving.


I hope I have this right - haven't posted like this before! It is the end of my garden where the cats go to play!


Thanks Gail, not a lecture at all. My friend in Illinois has over 30 cats and she has 97% indoors - fortunately she has a HUGE house with a basement twice the size of my ground floor and it is so clean you could eat your dinner off the floor! I think in the UK people tend not to have indoor cats. Since Holly, we have had 10 cats and all of them have been allowed out. They are NEVER out at night and if we go out for the day or for more than a few hours, I make sure they are indoors.
We are blessed with a huge garden and fields behind us with horses. Apart from foxes, which get chased away by the cats, there are no dogs or other enemies. There is little traffic as we live in a close so all in all, it is relatively safe. I think if we had coyotes or the like, they would certainly be indoor cats.

Thank you for the puzzle - I am off to try it now.


What a story, Brie. I am so very sorry about what happened to Holly. I hope he rots in hell with a pile of cat poop on him.

This is not meant to be a lecture, but there's a fine line between letting your cats go out and keeping them safe. I used to have indoor-outdoor cats and only had one problem. Toomey was a feral stray I adopted. She had to be outdoors some of the time, and would let me know by peeing in the house when I kept her in too long. One day, she went missing and stayed that way for five days. I found her howling in a neighbor's yard. Something had attacked her and broken her tail. I tried to pick her up and she scratched and bit me from one end of my body to the other. A friend and I rushed her to the vet ER, dropped her off and then rushed me to the human ER. She had to have her tail amputated. She also had to have most of her ears amputated from skin cancer, since she was mostly white. Have you ever thought of a "cattery" for your cats? Here's a private puzzle I created for you, showing my former house and my cattery:

Here's one of a "catio" that could be for people as well. It's the coolest one I've ever seen:

I realize cats are happiest when they're outside. My feeling is that my cats' safety comes first. That's after many years of having indoor/outdoor cats. Where I live now, there are so many cats outside that I would worry about their safety. I'm not allowed to build any outdoor structures for them, but I've found they're still happy indoors these days. Just something for you to consider, especially since you had that horrific experience with that monster. Again, I'm so sorry to learn about Holly.


Gorgeous! I had a three legged kitty too. She had been found as a kitten with her back leg crushed by a car. We had gone to adopt an older cat who had just found a home as we walked into the vet's office. He showed us this little bundle and we went home with Holly. (she was going to be called Tripuss!) We had her for 18 wonderful months. She could do anything - climb, jump, run but....she had a habit of going into the garden across the road. He was a landscape gardener and hated cats.
One Sunday morning in May, 20 years ago, she disappeared. We never found her but 18 years later the window cleaner told us that the bast*@d across the road had put her in a sack and flung her against a wall...
You can imagine our heartbreak and pain, even 18 years on and it still fills my eyes with tears when I think of it but 'tis an ill wind
We heard that the Bast*@d was caught owing £250000 to the Inland Revenue and decided to jump off the 7th floor of the car park at the airport!! YEAH!!!! I just hope he is up to his nostrils in the eternal cat litter tray and every animal he killed (we found out there were others) is pooping on him and clawing at him. So, through her sacrifice, Holly may have saved others and certainly rid the world of a very evil and nasty person.


He's very special, Kathy. Thanks.


Bless his and your hearts!!!!!!!


Phyllis, I got your email and responded.

2dogs, I'm glad you were able to rescue Troika. People don't seem to realize that animals can get by very well without four limbs. The thing you must be careful of is that they're likely to get arthritis because of having to compensate for their lost limb. There's not a lot you can do about it except to be watchful and get them on medication if they do show signs of having some. Norton's was born to a breeder. His mother bit his leg in childbirth, probably thinking it was his umbilical cord. The breeder brought him to my friend's vet clinic to be euthanized and I ended up getting him and having his leg amputated. The rest, as they say, is history. Thanks for your good wishes.


Hi Gail,

I owe you an em, will do one tonight...


I'm really hoping that he's on the mend. I find the special cats that I have a real joy. My Troika has the same leg amputated. She arrived at animal control with it dangling and was scheduled for euthansia the next day. I saw her on the web site and drove two hours to get her. It's always so difficult when they're not well. The two I lost since moving here two years ago were both killed by coyotes. I didn't have to watch them suffer but the shock of the sudden loss is very hard to take. I'll be watching for updates and hoping for the best.