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Forest Lawn

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Breathtaking historic 269-acre cemetery in the heart of Buffalo, NY. Founded in 1849, Forest Lawn contains outstanding examples of funerary art, including the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Blue Sky Mausoleum, as well as lakes, hills, wildlife, trees and so much more. Forest Lawn is also on the New York State and National Register of Historic Places, and includes the graves of President Millard Fillmore, Seneca Nation Chief Red Jacket and the Blocher Memorial, as well as many famous African Americans including Mary Talbert, and more than 10,000 veterans from the Revolutionary War to today's conflicts. (


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It fought me as well. Photo needed more sharpness maybe? It's really a lovely place to walk around in, and I'm glad you had some fun with the puzzle.


Man, for some reason that still eludes me, this one fought me tooth and "coffin" nail, if you will. Whilst trying to determine the relation between this historic landmark and the California-based "mega memorial park biz" (none, it would seem), I came across this snippet: "graves include U.S. President Millard Fillmore, singer Rick James, and..." That has to be the ONLY time those two names have occupied the same sentence :-D Thanks for the post and the info - fun!


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed both. And thanks also for taking a minute to comment. I appreciate that!

Great puzzle and thank you for the information on Forest Lawn.