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On the Lighter Side / Why Boys Need Parents

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Number 8 of series....This has actually happened to the hubby.... the oldest boy did it ...


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haha hahah oh that boy would be hamburger..


Jan I wasn't saying that for you ... Jan (JB) was just making a remark and I was answering her....


OMG Pat, did not know


Laurajane you are so right....thanks


The moment when all is well in this man's world...and in the next moment it will change. Hahaha!


Jan I really hate to say this but he was the one we lost in 2011.... but don't feel bad ... It doesn't bother me as much .. Time heals all wounds....
Ank they used to play this way almost every weekend... sometimes the kids would come out ahead and sometimes dad would...
They sure did Fran...thanks ..
Katie very effective way ....
Oh dear Jan you are funny...


funny, forget the parents, just find a good lawyer and some luck kiddo.


Oh, I sure hope the man saw the humor of it all - after recovering from the shock of course! It DOES look like an effective way to cool off!


The photographer captured this well.


Love this. I would like to see the photo two seconds after this. Chuckle. Fun that it also happened with Earl, he will have to be made??. lol


And he's still among the living......amazing! LOL


You are so right Lorna ....


Love it! All good, clean harmless fun!


Mandy This is not my photo... but could very well be....I had an ornery crew.. thanks for stopping in


That is an amazing photo!!! The timing of it is perfect. We used to have lots of fun having water fights in the summer when we were camping... it was an excellent way to get the children who didn't like to wash to get clean!!!


Thanks Jim Thought you would like it...


Wonderful picture, Pat! LOL!


Ardy It has to be someones picture... When it is hot and no air conditioner you do what you gotta do....and have fun with it..


Pat, Is this a real photo? Look at it from a photographer's point of view. To have the stream of water so evident and catch the action just before it lands on the target. I can't imagine being able to be so lucky as to get this shot. I don;t doubt that it's been done many times, but to get this picture ....Wow!
Thanks, Pat. Lots of fun for a hot summer day.


Lucy my boys and hubby would spend hours doing goofy things like this too each other...


Boys will be boys , but i guess he had better run. if it had been my dad he would have came after me running.