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For Vegetarian Advia - From VMc

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What a shame, and so unnecessary too. Has she tried posting similar pics under an alias!!! Just wondering?? Do you ever get to know who has reported a pic, and what exactly they found offensive with it - many well known artists have created wonderful paintings of scantily clad ladies which people flock to view... it's a shame when a minority group (which I assume it is) can spoil it for the majority. However, like you, I don't have a filter, but I can understand anyone with children in their home wanting to use it ... just in case!!

For now the turkeys are standing their ground... or holding onto their seats.. I'm not sure which!!! LOL


Ada (petslave, sewandsew, etc.) has been posting handsome, well-built men for months, and they are constantly being reported--and Jigidi has responded by agreeing that they should be filtered! Apparently any human being, male or female, whose photo makes you think "nice!" is potentially offensive, even if the person is fully clothed and not posing in a sexy manner..... Even a photo of Daniel Craig on the beach in a modest pair of bathing trunks was removed and filtered. So there are definitely people out there deliberately reporting these, and Jigidi is responding by agreeing that they need to be filtered.

You're right--the best anyone can hope for, aside from not having someone report it in the first place, of course, is that it doesn't happen until it's been up for many hours, so everyone gets a chance to see it.


Really!!!! Why??? I can't see anything offensive about him!!! I suppose someone reported it, maybe for personal reasons... if they know the person and didn't have permission to publish it perhaps. Or maybe someone hit "report" instead of "bookmark"???

Anyway, so far so good, and those who wanted to see it have. Thanks Pat, I really do appreciate you watching my back!! :~))


"Garnished"! LOVE it! I know she's not really "naked", but that's how TPTB would see her--and if you think I'm over-reacting, check this out. Someone reported it, and TPTB removed it and re-posted it with a filter.

That was deemed offensive?! Anyway, I certainly see nothing wrong with your puzzle AT ALL, but, as I said, TPTB don't quite have the same sense of humor! So I was just letting you know what I thought might happen, because it's happened to me...


Thanks Katie, I'm glad you thought so. I hope you'll keep enjoying turkey... lots of people depend on it!!!


Pat, I'm glad you love it, and I would like to reassure you and anyone else that the "bird" has been garnished... in all the right areas, so all normally bikini clad areas are covered... the picture was really only to "garnish" the poem!! That said, I'll hope I haven't offended anyone... but thanks for the heads up, as I didn't even think about the possibility!!


This is one very well spoken turkey! I could go vegetarian on Thanksgiving, but could never, ever give up turkey all together. (Sorry Mr. Turkey.)


I love it, but I'm sure if someone reports it, TPTB will remove it and make you post it filtered, unfortunately. They have no sense of humor and make no allowances for satire. She's naked and de-breasted, and that will be enough for them if someone complains.

But, as I said, I love it--and I'm sure my 2 veggie daughters would, too! :-)))


You posted it! Ohhhh, I'm curious to see some interesting comments. ;-)


Thank you Advia, I will pass on your thanks, and your request. :~)


Thank you Mandy and please send my thanks to VMc. Please post more poems of this artist.