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Happy Belated Birthday Boys

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After seeing Jan's puzzle for Maggie I realized that I fogot my boys' 3rd birthday one week ago, Jan 3.
Sorry boys. I just gave you each a treat after taking this picture.


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That's one way of putting it Sally. lol. My vet calls them both porkers and claims they will have joint problems caused by their weight so I am trying to cut back on their treats :-)))


Chicken strips were some of my Bishop's favorites.... A lot less calories than the average doggie treat... So giving them an extra or two didn't seem quite so.... Well you know.... Guilty making.... Like vets are always saying 'don't over feed'.... You're two look like they enjoy life to the doggie fullest.... 。◕‿◕。


You're right Dagmar. These two really don't have a lot of worries except maybe who's been walking in 'their' fields. :-)))


I don't think those two worry very much about birthdays but they most certainly are waiting for a treat. :))


Thank you Jana. They are sweet and good most of the time :-)))


Happy belated Birthday dear Luke and Cole, you are so sweet and good boys. Big cuddle for you and thanks for Edie:-))))))


Thanks wolflady:-))


Great looking dogs.


Jan they get treats all the time. Too many treats as you can see in my previous comment. I even forgot to mention their other big favourite. Pigs ears that I buy at the farmers market. The vet says these are pure fat so they only get one sometimes two a week now. I wonder when it would have dawned on me if it hadn't been for your puzzle :-)))


They are Rosie and my vet would like them to lose some weight. She wants to be able to see some ribs so I've cut back a bit on each of their feedings. Mornings are now 1 1/2 cups with a spoon of canned and evenings are 1 cup usually with a bit of ham and cheese mixed in. They get a large milkbone at lunch and one at lock up and then their chicken strips, marrow bones, duck treats, etc..... No wonder they need to loose weight :-)))


Yes Sally, chicken strips are their very favourite treat although I have so many different ones here and they will eat them all. I limit to about 4/day.


They look like they knew they were forgotten. You may have to give them treats all week!!! Such good looking guys should never be overlooked! LOL (glad to be of help! :)))


They are really big boys, aren't they??? Happy Birthday, boys, even if it is a week late. You know how much your mom loves you by the way she always takes care of you.


Eye on the prize... Happy Birthday you handsome dudes.... You are two lucky dogs.... Thanks, Edie.... 。◕‿◕。


Yes they are littermates Ardy. Two like Luke and three were like Cole. The mother was a very nondescript rather plain brown dog weighing less than half of these guys. The dad was a Newfoundlander. How Luke looks like a St.Bernard is a mystery :-)))


Happy belated birthday Cole and Luke. I hadn't realized you were siblings. Do I assume than that you are from the same litter? Thanks, Edie. I have a Jigidi calendar and their date is now on it.


Thanks Barb. I'm holding two chicken strips so of course they'll pose nicely. Later after lunch I made them a slightly bigger treat which they were very surprised about. Never had bun with ham and cheese before. Of course they at the ham and cheese first but they ate the bread as well, it even had a little butter on it :-))))


Thanks Pat and like typical dogs they were like, "whatchya got, whatchya got? Is that really for us. Oh boy, let's eat, num, num, num, or chomp, chomp, chomp. Got any more, is that it? " :-)))


Thanks Lorna. Hard to believe they're already 3 years old. Those puppy pictures seem like yesterday.


Happy belated birthday, to Cole and Luke! You're such good boys to pose so nicely for Momma Edie. :-)


Happy Birthday, Cole and Luke! You are just such gorgeous--okay, handsome (sorry!)--fellows! As long as you got your sandwich treat today, I'm sure you didn't mind your mom forgetting the date! :-)))


Happy Birthday boys!


Thanks Faye. I'm sure they have no idea what all the fuss is about today but anytime that extra food or treats are involved they're happy.


Thanks Florrie. I was going to take a picture of their birthday 'buns' but I think my camera may have kicked the bucket permanently. Can't get the lens to come out at all anymore. Charging battery but don't think that's the problem.


A very happy birthday, Boys! :DDD


They are perfect for this property SamSammy. They were born in a barn and have always been outdoor dogs. Here they have my 10 acres with hundreds of acres of fields and forest behind us.


Happy birthday! Adorable too grown-up!! :))


Thanks Jan, I didn't bake them a cake as I did the first year so I'll have to give them a nice long walk instead.


well Happy belated Birthday to your sweet boys.


Yes Marilyn, one hand held the camera the other the chicken strips they were waiting for. These guys don't need treats, they are not camera shy :-)))


Hello boys, Happy Birthday! Edie has given me an idea to help my Guinness overcome her camera shyness. I will hold a treat for her when I try to take her picture.