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Let's Really Go Loony!

361 pieces
48 solves
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Thanks for you concern--and it is so frustrating, as you said, to be at the doctor just when your symptoms disappear temporarily!

Believe me, I don't always show up in the board! But that's beside the point--if a puzzle this size would usually take me 45 minutes, and it takes me over 1:30:00, then it feels really hard! I see franc and Camelot solving puzzles (usually small) in half or even a third of my time. When they solve a puzzle size that usually takes them a minute but this time took them three, I'm sure then feel it was really hard, too! And don't be impressed by my time, please! I have had waaaaay to much practice in my life! :-)))

After two days, this is still showing up as "unfinished." Curious. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. Hope the doctor will soon get a handle on the problem. It is always frustrating to show up "well" when you know you're notl

Now, tell me this, how is it that you always show up on the board after all the moaning and groaning about how impossible a puzzle is? You make them and you break them and it impresses the hell out of me.


It's a combo of bad headache and feeling disoriented and unable to concentrate--maybe because my blood pressure was very high... I went to the cardiologist late this afternoon, and by then, of course, the blood pressure was normal, so he sent me home to just keep checking it! But I was finally able to pay enough attention to solve this, and it was a trip! Thanks for you concern, Hanne!


Poor you, is your head bad?? Wish for you that it will soon be over, and you'll be as good as new!! It's terrible as long as it bangs your head to pieces!!


Congratulations, Hanne! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, even if it was a monster--a colorful, bright monster, but still a monster! Once my head clears up, I intend to try it myself! Thanks so much!


After all Pat, I did it!! But I should never have thought that I could do it following the black lines!! Well, it was fun - very much fun, and indeed you learn something every time you are in trouble!! Thanks so very much!!


Thanks so much, Denise--I agree that it didn't look that hard, but, as the old saying goes, looks can be deceiving! You did very well anyway!

I'll check that one out, jranders--thanks! And you're on the board--good job! :-)

And you really should try some of mindbender's puzzles. Be selective -- Try "Bright" ( Sept 25). Many do seem impossible but some are fun.

I understand. I have a laptop and with the large puzzles the hardest part is sometimes just trying to see all the pieces. It can take forever when you can only see part of the puzzle at a time.


wwwooooooowwww!!! Looked to be much easier than it was. A sneaky masochistic one Pat


Nope! I really didn't think that this would be that hard. And I don't think I've ever solved a mindbender puzzle, although I've been tempted! She/he just posts way too many monsters, and that means I'd be forced to choose my poison. With tugman, it's chosen for me...!

I just got off my usual computer, which is where I create puzzles (and, until the past few days, solved them as well), and now I'm on the laptop where, if my "luck" holds, I will be able to solve a few. But I don't think I'll attempt this puzzle until I can use the bigger screen on my usual (desktop) computer... Tugman's was small enough for the laptop--this one, at 361, would be a nightmare for me, I think! (Not that it won't be anyway, of course!).

I think you are spending too much time with tugman and mindbender. Is this a contest to see who can drive the most people crazy?


No, 160+ pieces! LOL! My mistake!


It has now--many of us have been having that problem today--it won't post until you exit the puzzle, and, if you had checked back when you solved it, you might have found it in both your unfinished and completed bookmarks!

Well, you deserve a pat on the back for sure, siouxzn! I had no idea it would be that hard! And, having just finished tugman's latest, which wasn't that bad--probably because it had only 260-some pieces!--I might just use the time I thought I'd be spending on that one to solve this one!


That was really haaaaard!! Excitingly difficult. When my hands stop cramping, I'm going to pat myself on the back for hanging in. :-) My time hasn't posted. :-(