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Happy Birthday Magnus! Hope Its the Beginning of a Year of Great Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity!

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This is so clever and original!!!


Cheryl, this is the best tribute puzzle posted!! LOVE it!! Thanks so much!

And, Queenbee2b - what a wonderful commentary on how so many of us feel! Hail, Magnus!!


Well done, Cheryl! (Thanks, too)

Cheers Magnus! ;-)


Jo and Chickiemama - You are most welcome. I know Magnus had no idea the many dimensions that Jigidi would have when he was developing a puzzle site. It would be wonderful if it were only the best jigsaw puzzle site on the web, which it certainly is. But it is ever so much more. Its hard to think of ways to praise him enough. Thanks for adding your thoughts.


Thankyou, VermontMeow, for the opportunity to leave a message! Hugs, Jo :)


Wow!! What a handsome dude!! Hail to thee oh gracious father of Jigidi!! May thy days be filled with love and happiness!! Your humble serfs are pleased to be part of thy family!! Much thanks, oh great creator for the happiness you bring to thy people!! Seriously Magnus, you have brought so many people together as new friends, from the world over, people who would never have met other than joining jigidi,you should get the Nobel Peace Prize for the happiness you have brought to us all! Thankyou, and God bless. :)


Well said VermontMeow!


You are the best, Magnus! Thanks for the many opportunities to create and solve fun puzzles, to meet people, make friends and learn about cultures around the world. Happy Birthday and happy day every day to you.