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Fresh-squeezed tangelo juice - - mmmmmm!

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You are so right Varda, it's time to stop thinking that the grass is more green on the other side of the fence!!


I can see snow-capped mountains from my back yard. That is close enough!


I can relate Plum, it is currently 90 where I am at.....But I really don't miss having snow......


Incidentally, Hanne, today I had to shut my doors and windows to keep out the heat!


Hanne, you have many wonderful things that I can't have here because it is too hot and dry. Every place has its unique assortment of plants; too bad we can't all have all of them, but we do have compensations!


Oh Varda, you are able to make so many wonderful, fresh things!! It snowed here yesterday and it's frost in the nights!! But they say that spring will return next week. We have ONE daffodil which has heard something about Easter and if the sun shines tomorrow perhaps will open!! Write you soon!!


Be sure they are fully ripe. Picked too soon, they are a bit sour.

Will have to try it if I can find some tangelos.


Sweet as honey. Wonderful flavor. I am not especially fond of tangelos, but recently discovered that they make marvelous juice; somehow the juicing improves the flavor.

Have never had tangelo juice. How does it compare to orange juice? Makes a great puzzle.


The one with the brown cap is pink navel juice.