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Folgefonna, Norway.

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The glacier Folgefonna is the third largest glacier in Norway, and it makes lots of "tongues", wherever it's possible. This special place is 4.212 feet above sea level, and you can go right to the edge of the ice in your car - in summer!! There is a ski resort in summer, not in winter, it's far too rough and dangerous. The road is so narrow that a bus fills all of it, there are slopes to all sides and you really need your guardian angel to go there. On our way up we met some cars on their way down and it was thrilling indeed. But standing here is very impressive, you can touch the ice, walk on it and be heavily surprised! Why I'll show you tomorrow!


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Actually I don't know how fantastic it is, but it certainly WAS a surprise!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Wow, and I think tomorrow we will have a very big WOW. And yes it looks cold.


I'm not sure that I would do it again, Jan, especially not in summer when the traffic could be heavy!! They had closed the resort when we were there, if not we might have been in trouble!! But it's incredible being there - and it's COLD!! Thanks so very much!!


This is so unusual. I did not imagine that they would have a ski lift on this glacier. Thanks for sharing it with us. You could NOT get me to drive on that road! :D


Thanks so very much Sandy!!


It IS ice, 1.125 feet where it is thickest!! Average is 450 feet. It's more than 200 square kilometers large. Lots and lots of ice. Thanks so very much Ardy!!


It looks icy, Hanne. I'll be looking to be surprised tomorrow. Thanks, Hanne.


Very interesting Hanne. Thanks