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atop the tree

30 pieces
86 solves
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I just posted my Christmas wish puzzle and wanted to let you know ...


Thank you, Schutkleur and Puzzaddled.

Schutkleur, I saw your painting, and commented on it before I came to my puzzles. ; ) Thank you.

Puzzaddled, that you for your comment and wish, I hope your family also has a Merry Christmas and enjoya a happy new year with good health. ; )


I really like this bird, Rose and I like why you got it almost as much. I do believe in giving back to the community in whichever way you can and this does exemplify the Christmas spirit to me.

I do hope that you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


Roseheather, I posted a puzzle of one of my paintings, with the little pot you liked (in yesterday`s puzzle):))


Hannejoh, I'm not sure what the bird is. I just liked it. ; )

I taught at a school that was about 75 miles from where I live and I purchased it in one of the stores there. I thought I should do some shopping there once in a while since that town was paying my salary.


Thank you, PLG, Hannejoh, and Schutkleur. I appreciate your comments. ; )


It`s lovely, Roseheather!! Thanks for sharing.
I`ve been bookmarking a lot lately, there just doesn`t seem time enough at the moment:((

Beautiful. Is it a dove in the top?


Your tree is beautiful! Thanks for sharing these!