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From the parking area, there's a roughly 80' driveway to the garage, and an apron in front of the garage. Normally, the plowman pulls the snow back from the garage down the driveway and disposes of it off the parking area. Then he takes a pass or two, and pushes the residual, and the remainder of the snow on the apron, well off to the left side of the garage.

This time he couldn't do it; the plow wouldn't penetrate the ice to drag it back. As a consequence, all he could do was plow the driveway (what he could get the plow under) down to the end, and so the plow bank now starts at the edge of the garage, and there's no place for future snow.

The problem? If you look along the side of the garage, you'll see a small roof extending out, and a depression in the snow. That's where the propane tank goes for the garage heater. When I ordered it, they were so backed up that they couldn't schedule it for more than a month (January 14th, because it wasn't home heat, it took the lowest priority). So I have a bit less than 2 weeks to clear enough of the bank, and all the snow & ice back to the platform, or they can't install the tank. It consists not only of the recent ice and sleet, but prior roof slide-off. Before the ice storm, it was a shoveling job; now it's a major undertaking.


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Are you going to set the tank next to the building ... How big is the tank that you order. Our tank is 300 gallon the house next door has 3 150 gallon tanks .... Just had mine filled Tuesday .... 174.8 gallons at 2.449 a gallon with taxes it was 458.06 ... But this is the first time we have had it filled since last spring. Good thing I'm on the budget ...


Sounds like a helluva task, dondi. I think smllpkg's idea of relocating the tank is worth thinking about as a summer task. We get a little snow here (and inch or so) and the country grinds to a halt, and I look out at it and think how pretty it is. I take my hat off to you living in such conditions. It's not till I read about your problems that I realise how serious and dangerous it can be.


I have no idea how you're going to accomplish this without freezing and back-breaking labor. But I have a thought for a summer project. Relocate the propane tank so access is easier in this type of weather.


Oddly enough, a friend of mine (a semi-demented engineer) once experimented with flame-throwers for removing snow. They don't work; heat rises, and most of the heat goes up, not down. And they leave the snow black from the soot.

What you need is a flamethrower ... just be careful where you point it tho! I cannot imagine living in a cold climate. You guys are masochists ;-)