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Flower Parade.

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A trip. 2012
(I don't know what this means)


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Thanks, I'm glad you like it.


Amazing photo, thanks :~)


Thanks Jana Pat and Graciela.
I don't think it's a real person. I can not imagine that there is a float with a really naked.

Jana I see you in the aftrnoon, good luck.


Wow! I ran out of words to describe these floats Ank!

Wouldn't want to be the woman on the front of the float - a little cool with no clothes on. :)


Ank, in the morning I go to Pilsen to handle pension, to puzzle I have time in the afternoon, you did not look for me :-)))) hugs my friend :-)))


Thanks friends, colorful and strange is it. Just fun, but I don't enjoy them. lol


It's a neat looking puzzle whatever it is, thanks my friend!


Ardy's right - this is definitely a "trip!" Where you are high on psychedlic mushrooms and everything looks a bit odd and is VERY colorful! It's quite a funny float! Thanks, Ank!


Yes it is a "trip" on a magic mushroom as they call them, so now they are all high:-))))


Thanks Pat Sandy and Hanne. It's very artistic indeed. Hanne Ardy also thinks so. And I think you girls are right.


The fungi - is it some euphorical trip - I just wonder!! Thanks so very much, Ank!!


Very artistic. I love how they did the mushrooms. Thanks Ank.


Love it thanks Sis


Hi Ardy, I think you can be right, the title of the photo is "a trip" so that there can indicate. Ten we say here, "you get a ten with a stylus", I believe you say "you get an A".


There appears to be a nude on the front. All I can think of is a psychedelic trip. Some mushrooms have hallucinatory properties. Interesting, Ank.


Thanks Treker Denise Jana and Lorna. Sorry I don't know what it is. A trip, thats all I know. Lorna I did not solve this one yet and I did not see the woman until you wrote it. I am going to solve my puzzles now. Have a beautiful day friends.


It is unusual, and colourful, but I haven't the faintest idea what it is about. The eyes are a bit sinister, and why would a woman be in the nose of the face?! I like the mushrooms though....


These are some mushrooms, maybe we'll do a good lunch :-))))
Thank you for a beautiful float Ank :-))))


Morning Ank:-) I don't know what it means but all the same its a really nice one. Thanks Ank and have a lovely day.Hugs:-)


Your float photos are always terrific! I particularly like this one.