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Celebrated on 31 March of each year Bunsen Burner Day is the celebration of the German chemist Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen. Born in 1811, the generally acknowledged inventor of the Bunsen Burner. While not enjoying the status of being considered a major holiday in any country or group of countries, Bunsen Burner Day has been observed for a number of years and is often recognized by persons with a strong interest in chemistry and science in general.

The Bunsen Burner itself is a very simple device, consisting of a long hollow tube. A combination of gas and air help to form the flame that powers the burner, making it very easy to control the amount of flame and heat by adjusting the mixture of the two compounds. Many people get their first view of a Bunsen Burner while in junior high or high school, as part of scientific assignments and experiments.

There is some difference of opinion on when and where the actual observance of Bunsen Burner Day began. One theory is that the holiday originates in Germany, the birthplace of von Bunsen and was inaugurated in the early 20th century. A different theory places the beginning of Bunsen Burner Day in the middle of the 20th century, with a combination of UK and US chemists combining efforts to honour the work of von Bunsen. In general, celebrants agree the holiday came into being at some time after the death of von Bunsen in 1899.


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I suppose if we could figure out a way we'd be able to sell the idea Hanne...LOL!!


Neither do I!! How do you "modernize" a thing like that??


You're welcome Pat, thanks :~)

Thanks, and I don't suppose they've even changed since that physics exam Hanne!!


The Bunsen Burner!! Oh, isn't it a loooong time since I touched one like that!! 1964 - exam in physics!! Terrible!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


How neat thanks Mandy....


Sorry PJ - I hope you were not too disappointed... I thought everyone else would do wonderfully Easter puzzles, and that I'd be different!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the images, thanks for telling me :~)


Oh, Mandy - I was highly surprised too, - expecting Easter :-))) I can't remember much from my chemestry classes at all.This was all new and interesting - and a fun collage of fine images. Thank you for providing this series.


They sure do.... I hope it's a common questions in quiz games!!! LOL!! Thanks Katie :~))


Thanks to you, now lots of people know it's Bunsen burner day! I love all your discoveries Mandy!


LOL - Thanks Edie - I figured there would be plenty of Easter puzzles, and we all know about it!!! I'm pleased I found something that you didn't know!!

Thanks Barb, I like to let you know a bit about the origins of the puzzle... when I can find it out myself!!

I know Francine... it's a bit bizarre isn't it?? Thanks :~)

Yes now you know bradjan... I'm not sure you'd have got away with a celebration in the school lab... I remember my science teacher being rather staid and very unlikely to celebrate anything!!!

Well shazzaannie... you'll have to come back tomorrow and see if you get fooled again!! I think I'd appreciate my chemistry lessons a lot more now than I did then... learning seems much more fun now that I'm older!!!

Well indeed who knew that!!! It got me I thought today would be about Easter. Will you have me fooled again tomorrow I wonder.....

Used to love all those chemistry experiments at school - watching chemicals turn different colours - and it you were very licky explode!


Well now I know. Could have celebrated this when in the school lab years ago.


Thanks, Mandy. I always look forward to this series. A crocheted Bunsen burner cover - Tee-hee... - :))

Happy Easter to you and your family.


Had me fooled too, Edie. Mandy, thanks again for all these interesting Who Knew puzzles. This is certainly one I didn't know about. I'm so glad you include the little history as well.
Happy Easter! :-)


You fooled me Mandy. I was expecting an Easter puzzle. I guess that would have been more like a 'Who doesn't know' puzzle. This one is news to me. Thank you and have a very Happy Easter.


Thanks Ardy, I can't imagine who would design a pattern for a crocheted bunsen burner, but had to include that image!! Happy Easter to you too... our clocks have gone forward last night, but because of Jigidi's 24 hour rule, I can't post for another hour!!


I was able to read all of these except the one right above the classroom scene. Love the crocheted Bunsen Burner. Your images are so perfect every day. That takes a big bit of creativity and time too. Thank you for this Who Knew series. Thanks, too, for the preview. I like being able to see this in the morning. Happy Easter.