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80 pieces
365 solves
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*Thanks so much for passing by dear friends. Now that Spring is here are we a lot outside. I was posting last year no puzzles in a part from Spring and in the whole Summer.
This year will I post puzzles, but I will answer no comments from now on. That gives me more time for creating new puzzles LOL!
Love you all! ♫☀♥☺


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Love, love, LOVE this one Willy! I had such fun solving it!! Thanks SO much!! (❛ᴗ❛)

Beautiful puzzle, Willy. I love the way you put the colors together. Thanks. Sandy


Nice one! Happy Spring (is that redundant?)


What a beauty, Willy! I was going to refrain from commenting, but this one is awesome! I am at the top of the board after 67 solves. That's a big surprise! I hope you are enjoying Spring as much as I am. I set out Brussels sprouts, broccoli and onion plants in my garden yesterday. Enjoy yourself!!