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FOR WHATNAUTS.... Blurple Swirl......

36 pieces
60 solves
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Thank you Mimi, for the sweet comment.... :) :) Christmas {{{Hugs}}}... Threw in a couple extra for Evie.... :) :)

Thank you Francine, good eyes... I didn't even spot the diagonal corner stripes and I created this... Oh dear, must be the Ho, Ho, Ho is the air.... Christmas {{{Hugs}}} dear friend..... :) :)

Good to know you and Mimi agree on Blurple... Christmas {{{Hugs}}} to you and Charlie.... If you have any worn out shoelaces, Bandit would like them for Christmas.... We know he's been good... :) :)

You are welcome, welcome, ?nauts... It was a pleasure to Blurple up a swirl for you.... Never heard of 'Purple Snowflakes' either... But I have heard of Marvin Gaye.... One out of two's not bad... We'll have to check that out.... Blurple Christmas {{{Hugs}}} dear whatnauts.... :) :)


Geez, I'm listening to Christmas music on my puter and it's playing a song called Purple Snowflakes by Marvin Gaye. I don't think I've ever heard it before. Very strange.


SMor - thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm so pleased and honoured you made this puzzle for me. A purple swirl, 'tis wonderful. Thanks, my friend!!

Blurple is good! I agree with Mimi.


Perfect framing for this gem, especially with the added cornered diagonals. Thanks Sally. (2:21)


Blurple is good, swirls are very good, and your puzzles are all terrific, thanks my dear!


Our pleasure... It was fun.... Get a good night's sleep, see you tomorrow.... Nighty Night..... :) :)


I only solved this one once, and I'm very tired, but still laughing too, Thanks Girls. :):)


I distinctly heard "Yeah, right!" but it wasn't me that said it LOL.... :-)

She's still laughing in fact!


Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my good friends, Beautiful 'Blurple Swirl' though. Thank you, Sally. :):)