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This little pear comes from a tree that is nearly 70 years old. We like to pick them green and let them ripen off the tree. That way, we can catch them at the perfect moment of ripeness. If you leave it on the tree, there's always a chance that the pear will fall off the tree - which alway bruises it.


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Good to "see" you, crashnot!!!

I love your story, except the fact that the restaurant is closed. I can't tell you how many of my favorite places have fallen by the wayside. That goes for products (especially foods), too.

I would love to receive those recipes. My Chinese doctor has me off shellfish and mollusks, so I can't have the escargot, but my nephew would love it! A great pear recipe would be perfect! We're up to our ears in pears from our orchard, so something new would be great. Thanks so much.

By the way, I really like hearing that you try to speak French badly. (...lame joke there). I do the same with Portuguese. When I was in Brazil, a woman who ran a food cart asked me about speaking Portuguese, and how I learned. I admitted that I was self-taught and apologized for my poor use of their beautiful language. She laughed and told me that I speak well... or at least well enough not to starve to death!

I'll catch you later!


Hi EB, I couldn't resist telling my "pear" story. We had a favorite restaurant in Quebec City named Le Vendome (now closed, sniff). I always try to speak French (badly) when visiting there so we get a bit more positive attention than others. The chef provided two recipes: one for escargot and another for Poires Au Pernod. The pear recipe is a delicious flaming desert which can be served plain or over ice cream. I've yet to experience a better escargot recipe. If you want I can send you the recipe/s via email. I hope you are doing well my dear friend.


Right you are, @boston_jack ! And if they watched my children, would they be an au pear pair?


..........if you had would really be a pair...............!