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What Items Do People in Your State Love Buying the Most from Walmart?

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Both Iowa and Arkansas are bordered by the Mississippi River, but another thing they also have in common: their need for diapers.

BUY IT: Diapers; $30;


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It is amazing about each state tkk ... I haven't looked up my state as yet .. :-)))

I've seen several of these puzzles now and my curiosity got the best of me so I took a very short break from here just now to see what my state buys the most of. What a surprise I had when I looked up the beautiful State of Maine to discover that this state just loves BROWNIE MIX!!! I would have thought it might be something coffee or cocoa seeing how cold it gets here. But I love brownies also so maybe the next time I visit Walmart I'll just have to pick up a box!!! Have a wonderful day/night everyone!!!


Way too many in landfills Suzy ... When I go to a baby shower I always buy one dozen cloth diapers along with the other gift and tell the mother to be they are just incase.


Lots of disposable diapers in the landfills. :(


My thoughts exactly Ardy and Fran ..


My thoughts were as Ardy's: lots of babies. :)


Lots of babies in those two states. ☺ Thanks, Pat. Enjoying this series.